Lemon Grass | Lemongrass

This tall tropical grass has a powerful lemon fragrance, and is widely used in the cooking of Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. It also makes a vitamin A rich tea. Lemon grass has narrow, leafy stalks that grow in large clumps that reach 1m or more.

Lemon grass Custard Pots
Lemongrass Custard Pots

This herb is best suited to a sunny position, well drained soil, warm growing conditions – ideally between 18°C and 38°C – and high humidity. In cooler areas it is best grown in a large pot and overwintered indoors. To propagate carefully divide the clump. Water plants regularly. Harvest stems as required. Cut the upper green part into segments and dry it out of direct sunlight, then store it in airtight containers and use it for tea. For cooking, wrap the white bulbous lower portion in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for several weeks.

The strong citrus flavour of lemon grass goes well in Southeast Asian cooking and is often teamed with chillies and coconut milk. Lemon grass is also an excellent addition to Western cooking, particularly in fish and seafood dishes. Use the lower white part of the fresh stems and slice finely crosswise to avoid a fibrous texture in the finished dish. If using a whole stem or large pieces, bruise first to release the flavour and remove before serving.

information sourced from The Complete Book of Herbs

recipes with lemongrass include my green curry paste, Sichuan pepper prawns and Indonesian chicken.

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36 thoughts on “Lemon Grass | Lemongrass

  1. Realising now how much I wanted to plant but haven’t as we still wait on the decision of whether we will be relocating to Namibia for 2 years. So frustrating only “half” gardening and planting.
    🙂 Mandy

      1. Crossing fingers and toes here… in the next 8 weeks but who knows as it has been going on quite a while already. You can bet though that when “they” are happy, we will have to jump right to it and get cracking and rush over. Never a dull moment.

    1. A friend of mine has loads of it growing in her garden of her new house so I am going to take some from her for our garden 🙂

  2. Oh, I love lemon grass! When I lived in Panama we used to drink the tea, and last December when I went back to Panama one of the things I asked for was a tea of lemon grass… delicious.
    Can’t find it here though 🙁

  3. I shall have to see if we can grow it here as, like Giovanna of Blue Jelly Beans, can´t find it in Spain. Funnily enough I treated myself to a massage yesterday and one of the oils used was Lemongrass and it was gorgeous!

  4. I’ve always wanted to cook using fresh lemongrass! And to use in some homemade thai curry–a cooking adventure I have yet to undertake. I’ll keep checking the international markets, and hopefully one will carry it!

  5. Hi Tandy, lemon grass is excellent in a number of Indian curries as well. I have it in my cup of masala chai everyday. Enjoy your day

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