Liebster Award II From Sophie’s Foodie Files

The lovely Sophie has given me the Liebster Award and even though I don’t really qualify I am going to answer her 10 questions. I have already been awarded this and passed it on. Here are my answers to Liebster Award II.

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as I wanted to complain about a restaurant and food24 did not have them listed. That was in September 2009 and since then my blog has grown and I moved to WordPress in April 2010 and I recently posted my 1000 post here.

2. What is your favourite food memory?

Cooking with my dad’s mom and aunts for the Jewish holidays. This is followed closely by teaching my cousins and niece to cook.

3. What is your favourite food restaurant & why?

Any food as long as it is good. At the moment my favourite restaurant is Waterkloof as Chef Gregory is super talented and we get something different each time we visit.

Welcome To Waterkloof in answer to Liebster Award II
Welcome To Waterkloof

4. Who influenced your style of cooking?

My style of cooking is self taught. I go in what ever direction I feel like when I am cooking but most often I will make pasta.

5. What is your favourite food dish, on your blog or not & why?

I don’t have a stand out recipe but if all else fails and I need to cook something I know will  work I make roast chicken. For dessert my go to recipe is a tart tatin.

6. What is your favourite colour?


7. What do you prefer: cooking or baking?

Depends on my mood. I bake once a week if I can and of course I cook every night.

8. What is the most lovely & cool cookie cutter you have in your possession?

I don’t have many but my heart shapes ones are the best in my collection.

9. What is your favourite food destination in the world & why?

I don’t have any one favourite but if I had to choose it would be Italy as their fresh produce is amazing and the cured products even better. Add to that the prosecco and I am in heaven.

10. On what kind of music do you cook on?

I cook while watching Sky news – it is always on and I listen to what is happening around the world while I cook.

Usually these awards come with conditions but I always pass on the award to the newest people in my blog roll.


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These are the 10 questions I would like you to answer if you want to!

  1. which kitchen item could you not live without?
  2. which kitchen item do you never use?
  3. which recipe book do you refer to the most?
  4. which knife in your collection is a must have?
  5. which meal is your go to dish?
  6. which dessert is your got to recipe?
  7. which one restaurant would you eat at over and over again?
  8. whose blog do you read every time they post?
  9. what is your favourite travel destination?
  10. which is your favourite cuisine?

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10 thoughts on “Liebster Award II From Sophie’s Foodie Files

  1. Hi Tandy!
    hank you for passing this award on to me!
    I laughed at your reason for starting the food blog LOL!!!

  2. Thank you, Tandy for answering my questions! It is pretty cool to read them too! 🙂

    I loved it all & had to smile all the way through!,… 😉 xxx

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