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Let’s Cook by Siba Mtongana is her latest recipe book. It offers delicious yet nutritious easy meals and treats for kids and teens (and the whole family) according to the by-line.

Lets Cook

For kids, by kids! with a little help from Ms Sibalicious! Let’s Cook is jam-packed with nutritious and delicious, easy to-do meals and snacks for any occasion, from lunchboxes, to smoothies and so much more. Siba has taken the fuss out of the kitchen, and created recipes for mom and dad to whip up with their little ones’ help. Step by step, Siba equips her youngest fans with the skills they need to become the next Big Thing in the kitchen. Mom and dad, don’t worry, Siba has you covered too, because Let’s Cook has recipes created with the whole family in mind! Let’s get cooking!

Banana Waffles
Banana Waffles
Chapters are divided into:
  • Morning munchies
  • On the go!
  • Meals
  • Best basics
Recipes that caught my eye:
  • Fancy Frittata Tartlets (p26)
  • Homemade Muesli (p42)
  • Bear-Face Flapjacks (p48)
  • The Chocciest Chocolate Crépes (p50)
  • Banana Waffles (p56)
  • Raspberry Yoghurt Popsicles (p77)
  • Spicy Rooibos And Fruity Cranberry Cooler (p105)
  • Chai Tea (p106)
  • Calamari Rings (p124)
  • Cheddar Melt (p128)
  • Crispy Chicken Fingers (p131)
  • Marvellous Mac ‘n Cheese (p158)
  • Haddock And Broccoli Bake (p162)
  • Green Soup (p165)
Fancy Frittata Tartlets
Fancy Frittata Tartlets
My impressions:

I had Hannah, my three-year old granddaughter, in mind when I paged through this book. There are a few recipes I know she will enjoy, especially the popsicles as ice lollies are a treat for her. But, this book is not aimed at the average income family. Who on earth sends their kids to school with prawns? Nonetheless, I look forward to trying more of the recipes.

What I made:

Feeling peckish after work one day I made the Fancy Frittata Tartlets, which contain proscuitto. Another ingredient far beyond the reach of the average person. I did not think the addition was worth the expense as they added nothing to the frittata. But they were tasty and took no time at all to made. We had friends over for lunch and I did the Banana Waffles as dessert. No one realized there were bananas in the mixture. Hannah seemed to enjoy them as the next day she made me ‘waffles’ with her toy tea set.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9781485900856
Format Paperback
Published November 2020

Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Random House South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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