Nonna Mia’s, Birnam, South Africa

Nonna Mia’s is situated in the Blu Bird Shopping Centre, just off Corlett Drive, near to Melrose Arch. My dad and I went there for dinner while I was in Johannesburg in August. Despite having to work out how to get in, the place has a lovely feel to it. The wine list boasts an extensive list of whites and is expensive for Cape Town standards. I am not used to paying so much for wine, but it is apparent that this is the norm in Johannesburg and surrounds.

Unfortunately, the menu is confusing and has a lot of spelling errors. It is the one thing that really gets to me – the company / person responsible should check the menu very carefully – COARSE salt not COURSE salt being the most obvious error. If you are gluten intolerant please note there are no gluten free pastas available.

Once you have managed to read the menu and placed your order, take a good look around you! The photograph below depicts the ceiling and the produce on display. You can purchase the Italian products to take home with you. The service is not 100% perfect but have areas that far exceeds expectations as far as the attention to detail is concerned.

Nonna Mia's
Nonna Mia’s

My dad had the mussels in the pomodoro, chilli and garlic sauce to start (R65). The mussels were very meaty, but not that great. I wanted to order the polpette al forno (R58) but even though the menu states that the dishes are freshly prepared, the waiter told me I could not have this as there was nothing pre-prepared.

For the mains my Dad went for the veal in a red wine sauce (R99) which was excellent, and served with crunchy beans. I had the Imola Picollo Pizza (R46) which was great.

The atmosphere would certainly have me go back again – maybe next time to try the dessert menu.

Contact them on +27 – 11 – 440 – 3719

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19 thoughts on “Nonna Mia’s, Birnam, South Africa

  1. Hello Tandy Solomon ….This is Sava Osato (Class Of 1982 Orange Grove ) …I am the person responsible for the spelling error…what a wonderful world we live in ….full of absolutely crazy stories….I own Nonna Mia’s in Blu Bird…I humbly apologize for the spelling error ….it has been corrected…thank you for the honest review….I found out this morning that you are responsible for Lavender and Lime …I read your 30 year update on the new site…I nearly fell off my chair when I realized that the review was from you….I would have liked the review to be more positive but appreciate the fact that you liked some of my work….chat soon…Sava

    1. I only found out after I wrote this review that you were the owner. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and I am sure to visit again, the next time I am in Johannesburg 🙂

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