October 2019 Showcasing In My Kitchen

October 2019 arrived with a bang. Dave celebrated his birthday and we made it a weekend long affair. I spent a lot of time driving in and out of Cape Town. First to get our UK Visas and then to get Schengen Visas for Carli and Hannah. Tomorrow we check in to our flight and on Friday we leave for the UK. I cannot wait!

Creations out of my kitchen in October 2019

This month I shared a recipe for cacao biscuits and sticking to this flavour, I baked a cocoa tea babke. I also finally perfected a recipe for honeycomb using sucrose free syrups. On the savoury side I made waterblommetjie bredie which is a traditional dish from the area in which I live. On the dessert side Dave and I enjoyed ginger poached pears served with blueberry sorbet, as well as chocolate chestnut mousse. Last but not least I made teiglach for the Jewish New Year.

Agave Syrup

I used this agave syrup the first time I made the cinder toffee. Then my friend Kim came from Germany and asked if I knew where she could buy some. They were here for a short holiday as she uses it as she is vegan. I gifted her the remainder of the bottle.

Agave Syrup October 2019
Agave Syrup
Cheese Markers

Dorothy gave me these little cheese markers, together with a key ring that says wine cellar. I invited them over for dinner so I could label all the cheese on our after dinner platter. The say cheese for the night was a cumin boerenkaas, one of my favourites.

Cheese Markers October 2019
Cheese Markers
Maxwell & Williams Mug

Bev gave me this mug and it has been set aside to use for my hot milk treats. I am osteopenic and am trying to up my calcium intake. I make a blend of hot chocolate, malt milk and turmeric latte as a treat when I have had a good day of training.

Maxwell & Williams Mug October 2019
Maxwell & Williams Mug
October 2019 FOMO Box

This is the very last FOMO box I will be getting. In October 2018, Cayla chose the items in this box. Six of the seven were edible, and contained sugar! For some time I have felt this is not great value for money and I would rather spend that amount each month and curate my own boxes of pantry treats. The chai latte, peanut butter powder and pear chutney will be gifted to someone else. Dave has enjoyed the digestives and the chickpea treats. The stasher bag is a useful thing to have, so much so I sent similar ones to Lorraine earlier this year.

October 2019 FOMO Box
October 2019 FOMO Box

This is my submission to the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. Pop on over to her blog to take a peek.

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime November 6:

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17 thoughts on “October 2019 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Great post. I cannot wait to get to South Africa next year. So many wonderful foods. I love seeing the Danish influence in the baked goods – I love the names. But I know there were other European influences as well. I once read about all who visited and settled in Cape Town and how all of the food changed to what it is now. Such a fascinating read. I want to try bobotie! PS Take Strontium.

  2. Your range of different ethnic baked goods is interesting. I suspect that some of them are really traditions in your exact part of the world — I wonder if there are food histories written about the fusion of various peoples who live there. As you have reported about your FOMO box, I’ve wondered if it was really a good thing to subscribe to, and you have now answered that. You always seemed to receive a lot of things that you had to give away.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. I kept on with the box for so long out of loyalty. I shall have to give some thought to writing about our local food history 🙂

  3. hi tandy
    thanks for joining in! what is a schengen visa? just curious. love your pretty mug. that stasher bag looks interesting. i wonder if you can get them here? I must check it out. have a great trip to the UK. brrr will be a bit cold this time of year. have a great month. cheers sherry

    1. That is a Visa to visit the Schengen States in Europe. The stasher bag is really useful – let me know if you cannot find it in Aus 🙂

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