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Oink! is subtitled the perfect pork cookbook, and I think it is. There is a flavour wheel in the recipe book which is a great resource when looking for inspiration.


It’s about bacon sizzling in the pan for breakfast, epic Sunday roasts, potjies and braais. It’s about great, easy-to-follow recipes with the most versatile meat product in the world as the hero.

Not only is it the most versatile, it’s one of the leanest, healthiest meat proteins and – very important in our current economic climate – offers the best value for money. Our aim with this book is to inspire you.

Including local food celebrities such as Mogau Seshoene, Reuben Riffel and Richard Bosman.

This book is a celebration of pork’s wide range of flavours and textures; of the influences and age old culinary traditions from China and Italy to Spain, Portugal and America.

Chapters are divided into:
  • belly
  • hock & offal
  • leg
  • loin
  • mince & sausages
  • fillet & ribs
  • neck
  • shoulder
  • game-changers
Recipes that caught my eye:
  • char siu pork belly (p26)
  • pork and water chestnut pot-stickers (p34)
  • pea and ham soup with bockwurst (p44)
  • eisbein (p50)
  • pork-and-parsley terrine (p55)
  • Jason’s pig cheeks braised in sheba (p56)
  • pork involtini (p70)
  • Katlego’s private-school pork wellington (p84)
  • Renate’s lemongrass pork chops (p96)
  • Swedish meatballs with pickled cucumbers (p108)
  • the ultimate pork burger with a secret centre (p116)
  • Jimmy’s famous spareribs (p126)
  • pork saltimbocca with gnocchi (p130)
  • Sicilian pork neck melanzane (p154)
  • dry-rubbed and slow-smoked pulled pork (p160)
  • pork pies (p170)
  • pork porcini rillettes (p178)
Pork Neck Melanzane
Pork Neck Melanzane
What I made:

I gave Dave the recipe book to choose what took his fancy. And he picked out the pork neck melanzane. Seeing as we both took a fancy to the dish, I set about sourcing the ingredients (look at your local butcher for the pork neck). And waited for aubergines to be in season. As soon as they were, I made this extremely delicious meal. The flavour wheel suggests I try this with Mexican flavours in place of Italian. Something for a future rendition as it was very budget friendly.

My impressions:

The chef’s profiles were a nice addition to the recipes, making them seem more personal. The book is full of stunning, full page photos. I have used a few of the recipes for inspiration, relying on the flavour wheel alternatives to nudge me in different directions.

Pork Neck Melanzane

Oink! Publishing information:

ISBN 9781928429401

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2 thoughts on “Oink! Billy Forssman

  1. It’s interesting that the cookbooks you review almost never become available here in the US. The American amazon.com site doesn’t list this one at all, which is also true of many others that you have reviewed. As well, the cuts of meat are different here. The world is really complicated!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. I don’t think there is much of a market for South African cookbooks around the world. Yes, the cuts are named differently which can make it challenging for some people. I had to get used to that when I started blogging 🙂

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