One Step Too Far, Lisa Gardner

One Step Too Far opening line: The first three men came stumbling into town shortly after ten A.M., babbling of dark shapes and eerie screams and their missing buddy Scott and their other buddy Tim, who set out from their campsite before dawn to get help.

One Step Too Far

My blurb:

Frankie doesn’t know why she chose this case. It is not as if she knows anything about the missing man. And his father and friends are actively looking for him. She knows nothing about hiking or the woods but yet she feels compelled to help. All the knowledge she has gathered about people over the years is what makes survival probable, but not guaranteed, when things go bad.

One Step Too Far
A young man disappears during a stag weekend in the woods. Years later, he’s still missing.
But his friends who were with him that day are still searching for him. Still hunting.
They hike deep into the wilderness.
With them is missing person specialist Frankie Elkin.
What they don’t know is that they are putting their own lives in terrifying danger, and may not come back alive…
My verdict:

Whereas the idea of hiking appeals to me, camping does not. But I could appreciate all the effort that goes into spending a week in the woods. I could solve the mystery before Frankie did, but this did not make the book any less enjoyable. A good read full of tension and excitement.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9781529135572
Format Trade Paperback
Published March 2022

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

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