Recipe For Onion And Apple Relish

I have a conundrum – I want to participate in something, but in order for me to do that, I have to ‘like’ something I don’t! I suppose every day we are faced with these types of moral choices. Do you pretend to be friends with someone so that you can stay in the correct inner circle? I remember at high school being part of the ‘in’ group and not wanting to be off school for a day as then I would be the one gossiped about. Do you ‘play nice’ with customers who are rude to you so that you can stay in business. Well, I know for a fact that some rules cannot be broken and in business professionalism is key! I won’t ‘play’ after hours for an order. Life, since the beginning of time has been about choices. No matter what, I try to make decisions I can live with! I was once told a very important lesson “only take pride in your successes if you are willing to take responsibility for your failures”. So, with that in mind, this blog post is not about any recurrent blend. It is about using apples – wonder what choice Eve should have made?

"Onion And Apple Relish'
Onion And Apple Relish
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Onion And Apple Relish

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  • heat the olive oil in a frying pan
  • sauté the onion until soft, without colouring
  • add the jelly and heat through

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  1. Tandy, just realising that life is about choices makes you more enlightened than many people. So often people will see themselves as trapped without choice…

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