Presto Pasta Nights 222 Round Up

I woke up last Friday morning to the very first submission for Presto Pasta Nights 222 and I was so excited to get stuck in and think about how I was going to present to you, the most amazing collection of pasta dishes. Thanks again Ruth, for letting me host! For those of you new to my challenge round ups, please click on the person’s name to see the recipe they submitted.

"Presto Pasta Nights 222"
Presto Pasta Nights 222
  • Jules of Pictures of all my Princesses took a favourite Moroccan Chicken recipe and tweaked it! I am a fan of anything Moroccan and love that this dish was the first submission.


  • Rachel, The Crispy Cook, has shared with us her recipe for Gluten Free Smoked Paprika Noodles with Butter, Cheese and Herb Drizzle. For anyone who is gluten intolerant please follow the link for more recipes, and blog events.


  • Jacqueline of the Tinned Tomatoes has shares with us Spaghetti con Pesto alla Siciliana. She is so right, everything sounds better in Italian!


  • Elizabeth from The Law Student’s Cook Book, has shared her recipe for vegetable lasagna using eggplant – not her favourite vegetable, but this dish makes it worth cooking again!


  • Madge, The Vegetarian Casserole Queen, has submitted a recipe for Balsamic Pasta Salad, to celebrate summer and her love of carbohydrates!


  • Elizabeth who blogs over at Etherwork, has shared with us her recipe for Spaghettini Puttanesca, which she loves to have on a hot summer’s evening.


  • Ruth, the founder of PPN who blogs at Once Upon A Feast, has submitted a recipe for Steak & Mushroom Pasta. This is a great use of left overs!


  • Suvidha whose blog is Suvhida’s Kitchen has sent in her Tomato Penne Pasta recipe.  She has a clever way of getting this ready in no time at all!


  • Val from More Than Burnt Toast (I love the blog name) made Arugula Pesto Pasta with Asparagus, Ricotta and Bacon. Anything with my favourite condiment (bacon) works for me 🙂


  • Stash over at The Spamwise Chronicles, threw together this dish of pasta with sardines, fava beans and tomato. This recipe is perfect for me to try next time fava beans are in season.
  • Sue from Couscous & Consciousness has made Pasta E Ceci, a dish warming for the soul as well as the tum I think.
  • Xiaolu at 6 Bittersweets has posted a recipe for Cherry Pistachio Orange Cocoa Couscous. My taste buds are intrigued by this salad.
  • Tigerfish who blogs at An Escape to Food has submitted a recipe for Steamed Clams Capellini Aglio e Olio. We both have small kitchens so I can relate to the perfect simplicity of this dish.
  • Lidia, Bianca’s and Jordan’s Mom, has made Macaroni Schotel With Chicken Ragout. Schotel is a new word for me! It means dish in Dutch for those of you, who like me was wondering.


  • JamieAnne, whose blog is A Dash of Domestic, has made Beefy Orzo. This recipe has been specifically made from a caring heart.


  • Claire from Purely Food is a PPN first timer and she has submitted her recipe for Aubergine Polpette. This is a great meat free recipe worth trying.


  • Theresa, The Food Hunter’s Guide To Cuisine, has shared her recipe for Pasta with Chickpeas and Fresh Rosemary. This Scott Conant recipe is a healthy meal that can be prepared on a work night.
  • Colleen, aka browniegirl, has posted a recipe for Heirloom Tomato Zucchini and Chorizo Spaghetti. This is something I could tuck into right now!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in Presto Pasta Nights – now that I have come to the end, I know that next time I will change the format a little bit – but it has been fun 🙂

Take a look at my Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Exotic Mushrooms And Blue Cheese recipe!

"Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Exotic Mushrooms and Blue Cheese"
Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Exotic Mushrooms and Blue Cheese

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41 thoughts on “Presto Pasta Nights 222 Round Up

  1. What syrupy awesome roundup!!! Thanks for the terrific job of hosting. And thanks all for the really unique dishes.

  2. What a wonderful round-up Tandy. Everything looks delicious. The problem will be where to start testing :-). Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings…Mary

  3. Interesting that a dish in dutch is schotel. In sotho and afrikaans is skottel and it’s possible that the pronounciation is the same

    1. Oh Claudia, no I didn’t! I am so sorry and I waited till late Friday my time. Will you submit it for this week PPN223?

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