Private 12: The Games, James Patterson

Private 12: The Games opening line: Christ The Redeemer appeared and vanished on the last clouds clinging to jungle mountains that rose right up out of the city and the sea.

Private 12: The Games

My blurb:

Can one man’s’ grief lead him to want to destroy everything the Olympic Games symbolizes and everything the Brazilian Government has worked towards? Can another man’s’ wealth and his involvement in the games lead to his death? And can the staff of Private figure out who is behind this imminent attack and prevent it?

Private 12: The Games
Two years ago, Jack Morgan was in Rio consulting on security for the World Cup. The tournament went without a hitch. Until a man died in one of the executive hospitality suites during the final, and the autopsy showed the cause to be a rare and deadly virus.
The story was kept from the media to avoid causing panic, but Jack feared that the death was no freak occurrence.
Now the eyes of the world are once again turned towards Rio for the Olympic Games, and Jack is back in Brazil’s beautiful capital. It’s not long before he uncovers terrifying evidence that someone has set in motion a catastrophic plan.
The death at the World Cup was just a warning. The Olympic Games could be the setting for the worst atrocity the world has ever seen.
My verdict:

The book begins with a prologue of sorts dated July 12, 2014. This is during the soccer world cup and is the lead in to The Games. The next phase takes place starting from July 13, which happens to be the exact date I started reading this book. It was quite amazing to be reading a novel in real time. And this book gave a whole behind the scenes look at the Olympic Games that took place in Rio earlier this year. I am glad nothing in this book came to fruition, both in the story and in real life.

Publishing information:

ISBN 9781780892825

Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Books South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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