Food Bloggers Indaba 2011: Jamie And Jeanne

The one area of my blogging that is sorely in need of attention is my writing. I have lots of words in my head, but when it comes time to typing them up, they don’t come out the same way, or I don’t have the time to get them from head to ‘paper’. I chose to attend the Indaba break away workshop hosted by Jamie and Jeanne and it was a fantastic session. These break away sessions allowed the delegates to chose which skills to hone in on, and I am so glad I chose this one. We were given a writing task to do – 150 words written straight off the top of our heads. Below is what I wrote:

Living in a small fishing village. the sea is a vital part of our existence. The southerly wind brings with it a saltiness and the sounds of waves crashing on the rocks. Each summer weekend is taken up with cray fishing and these ugly looking sea creatures transform into a meal best eaten with your fingers. Plainly grilled and with a  hint of garlic, the butter will drip off your fingers. What is an ordinary, everyday meal for us was a rare and special  treat for our guests. Their pleasure in partaking a simple starter made a week’s worth of preparations more than worthwhile. The evening was off to more than a good start, the smell of wood on the braai,watching the sunset and enjoying wine with good friends, all of this accompanied by fine food, perfection indeed.

Both Jeanne and Jamie made a point about editing, and rereading our blogs (see here for more) and you will see I have one word in red. Had I reread this I would have noticed the use of the same word in two sentences. Jamie also pointed out that I had left out the setting! The heat of the day had to feature somewhere in my writing.

My aim: to have an opening paragraph for each post of at least 150 words. A discipline I am going to make habit.

What was interesting to note was that Jeanne has a visual memory. I have participated in many NLP workshops and I learnt from a young age how to work out memory storage. I have aural memory, so I remember words better than faces and places. Here are the points passed on by Jamie and Jeanne:

  • write as you talk
  • set the scene and the mood
  • think about the adjective/s for your main ingredient and then use this in your story
  • write with your senses
  • show with your words
  • write every day as writing is a skill


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18 thoughts on “Food Bloggers Indaba 2011: Jamie And Jeanne

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  2. What a lovely post Tandy – and thanks for all the wonderful things you say! It is always difficult presenting something for the first time – you know what you are trying to get across but there is no way of knowing that the audience will GET what you are saying! I am thrilled that you took so much away from the workshop and I know your writing will continue to go from strength to strength. I love your enthusiasm – not just for this workshop but for everything you tackle 🙂 Now you will have to mail me and tell me how you know I have visual memory ;o)

    1. Your course on writing will improve each time you give it for sure *makes mental note to try and get to Plate to Page 3*. You two were wonderful! Thank you for the kind words 🙂

  3. Thank you so much, Tandy, for the wonderful write up and super kind words! To follow up Jeanne’s comment, it was so hard for us to limit our thoughts and ideas to only 90 minutes since there is always so much to share! You have synthesized it perfectly! It is thrilling to think that someone can walk away from one of our presentations or workshops with so much and feel so inspired to actually use what we discuss in their own writing. We are excited when we can communicate our passion and inspire such enthusiasm. You have a lot of talent, Tandy, and I am so happy that we have been the means to helping you find it and use it!

    1. I am so grateful for the workshop – and your comments here are amazing 🙂 I think next year the workshop needs to be longer! Have a great day xxx

  4. Awesome write up Tandy. Thank you for sharing. I missed out big time by not being able to attend the workshops 🙁 So how DO you know that Jeanne has a visual memory?

  5. I write as I think, rather than how I talk (because the latter’s not very articulate) :-).
    To write on demand as you did is no mean feat – I could smell the sea, woodfire and garlic and hear the waves and the wind.

    1. thank you for those kind words! I write as I speak, which can be quite confusing sometimes as I jump ahead of my thoughts 🙂

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