Food Bloggers Indaba 2011: Scrumptious South Africa

Jane-Anne (Scrumptious South Africa) and Bertie gave a fantastic presentation on recipe development and food. Now, some of this knowledge was imparted to us last year, but in case you missed that post, here is all the information I wrote down this year. I am pleased to note that I already follow these instructions and my proof of that was in the fact I had published Lavender & Lime before last years Conference. My comments in purple.

your recipes must be

  • excellent
  • inspiring
  • original
  • unique
  • accurate

the no no’s

  • vague, inaccurate quantities
  • bad, ugly photographs

develop your own recipes

  • find your inspiration from your ingredients and your memories
  • avoid competitive blogging
  • do not be a slave to food fashion
  • your ingredients must be seasonal and regional. As you will see from my monthly challenge, this is an important part of my blog.
  • try something for the first time
  • increase your repertoire
  • research your ingredients
  • make sure that the main ingredient shines
  • think about the taste, the combination and the texture
  • have a well stocked kitchen
  • write your recipes with love
  • draw on your cultural roots
  • place your recipe in context

Your recipes can

  • highlight comfort foods
  • be home recipes
  • be easy food recipes
  • be quick perfect results recipes

most importantly

  • learn the basics
  • re-interpret and update recipes
  • keep a pen and notepaper in the kitchen I have a small notepad on a large magnetic clip on my stove
  • type up your recipes straight away I don’t do this due to time restraints so I write lots of notes while cooking
  • measure properly
  • test your recipes
  • a good recipe works, so think out the process
  • list the ingredients in the order of use
  • do not patronize your reader but do include the small details


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