Shattered, James Patterson & James O. Born

Shattered opening lines: Early morning was one of her favorite times of the day. The sun had just cracked the horizon and traffic was still light.


My blurb:

Michael is in Ireland, on honeymoon, and decides that a call from his FBI agent friend can wait for his return to New York. But he will never find out what Emily Parker wanted, as she was murdered. Burdened with guilt that had he answered the call he could have prevented this, he heads to Washington D.C. to find her killer. What he finds instead is a life he did not know Emily led. And she is not the only one who has been strangled. Can Detective Bennet tie the two murders together and find her killer? Or will he be left to hang as he is not there on official business?

After returning from his honeymoon, Detective Michael Bennett is greeted with the shocking news that FBI agent Emily Parker is missing.
Determined to track down his former partner, Bennett follows Emily’s investigation into an anarchist group that led her between Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC.
Lurid rumours begin to surface about Emily’s disappearance, but Bennett will never give up hope of finding her.
After everything they’ve been through together, he owes her that much.
My verdict:

Returning to Michael Bennet’s chaotic life is always a pleasure. The murderer will come as a surprise, and that is what makes this book such a good read.

Read an extract of Shattered:

EARLY MORNING WAS one of her favorite times of the day. The sun had just cracked the horizon and traffic was still light. She was in training for the Marine Corps Marathon and intended to put in some decent miles today to make sure she was ready to race in November.


Publishing information:

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

Jonathan Ball Publishers sent me this novel to review.

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4 thoughts on “Shattered, James Patterson & James O. Born

  1. I wanted to keep reading the opening paragraph, because Patterson is usually so good at grabbing the reader right from the start. I have a sense something bad is going to happen very soon…

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