Shin For The Something Savoury Challenge

Something Savoury Challenge Shin

I am posting the challenge today, instead of tomorrow morning as I have a community post scheduled for this evening which will have to double up as my Saturday post. Last week I issued the Regional and Seasonal Challenge which includes a give away – do go and take a look at it! This week the challenge is to cook something savoury using shin.

Osso Bucco Using Shin
Osso Bucco

If you take part in the challenge please link back to my blog in your post and here:

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This link back will close next Friday but you can do the challenge anytime you want and I will include you in the round up.


Shin comes from the foreshank of beef. It needs a lot of cooking with a fair amount of moisture. This is due to it being tough. Use when making beef bourguignon or mince to make ground beef. It is a great ingredient for soups and stocks. Even though veal is traditionally used to make osso bucco, I use shin. The challenge here is to create a dish using this cut of beef.

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18 thoughts on “Shin For The Something Savoury Challenge

  1. Ooh – think I may have to use one of my moms recipes for this one – 🙂 Better yet, mom and dad are driving down today for a 10 day break so might have to make it with mom while they are here.
    Thanks Tandy! Have a great weekend.
    🙂 Mandy

      1. Ohh, that does, haha, I wasn’t even thinking it was meat/the shin of an animal. Guess that isn’t a common cut of meat in the U.S. Or I just have no idea how to cook meat 😀

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