True Faith And Allegiance, Mark Greaney

True Faith And Allegiance opening line: The man sitting in the restaurant with his family had a name familiar to most everyone in America with a television or an Internet connection, but virtually no one recognized him by sight – mainly because he went out of his way to keep a low profile.

True Faith And Allegiance

My blurb:

Jack Ryan Jr cannot sit idly by while war is being waged on American soil. He decides to encourage his boss, the head of The Campus, to let him run with his instincts. His father is the President of the United States and even though he has sanctioned The Campus, he cannot directly ask them for assistance. Operatives and armed forces members whereabouts have been compromised and people are being killed. There is no doubt that ISIS is behind the murders. But the question is, how are they getting their information?

True Faith And Allegiance

A US Navy Commander is attacked while having dinner with his wife by an unidentified Russian man.

A CIA operative travelling on a Canadian passport is intercepted and interrogated at Tehran Airport.

A team of FBI officers are arrested by Indonesian police for travelling under fake passports in Jakarta.

These apparently unrelated incidents point to a compromise in US government security, and Jack Ryan and his team must find out where it is coming from. From Maryland to Macedonia, they frantically battle shadowy forces who are looking to drag the US president into a ground war with ISIS.

My verdict:

I think Mark Greaney has surpassed Tom Clancy in taking the Jack Ryan novels forward into a future of great suspense. I cannot wait to see where Jack Ryan Jr finds himself. Another great read in this series of books. And you don’t have to have read them all to pick one up and enjoy them.

Publishing information:
ISBN 978-0-71818-197-0
Format Trade Paperback
Published December 2016
Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Random House South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.
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  1. Lovely review, Tandy. My husband reads the same types of books as you so I am making a birthday and Christmas list for him based on your reviews.

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