Two Little Girls, Kate Medina

Two Little Girls opening line: Though the summer holidays had ended for most, there were still a few children playing on the sand, their parents – holiday-makers, she could tell – setting out windbreaks and unpacking the colourful detritus of a family morning at the beach.

Two Little Girls

My blurb:

Dr Jessie Flynn has a new patient. One who cannot look her in the eye. She is clearly anorexic, but has come to see her about the death of her daughter. Laura tells Jessie that Zoe died in a car accident. This is not the truth, and not the only lie she tells. Zoe was killed, and when a second child is found murdered in the same way, 2 years later things start to unravel.

Two Little Girls

Two years ago, a young girl was murdered while playing on the beach, a doll left by her side. DI Bobby ‘Marilyn’ Simmons failed to catch her killer and he’s been tormented with guilt ever since.

So when another dead girl is found in the dunes, another doll, he knows this could be his only chance to silence his demons.

Psychologist Dr Jessie Flynn is called in to help with the investigation. But she’s being led into a web of lies and deceit by a new patient called Laura – a deeply disturbed woman who wants Jessie as her friend.

When links emerge between Laura and the two dead girls, Jessie’s worst nightmare becomes reality. For in the dark world of a twisted killer, she begins to realize just how treacherous friends can be…

My verdict:

I learnt a new term in this novel – heterochromia. This is the medical terms for when people have eyes of two different colours. I found the book to be an excellent read, with a storyline that had me wanting to turn to the end page as quickly as possible. I worked out the killer on page 275 – just over half way, but this did not detract from my enjoyment of the read.

Publishing information:

ISBN: 9780008214012
Format Trade Paperback
Published March 2018

Jonathan Ball Publishers sent me this novel to review.

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  1. Ooooh, Tandy, this sounds very exciting but the death of children does upset me a lot. I think I will have to read this during the holidays.

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