Willie’s Chocolate Cacao Factory

In 2009 David and I took our annual holiday in England. We decided to spend a week in Dartmouth, exploring the area of Devon and Cornwall. On our way from Heathrow to Dartmouth, we stopped off at Stonehenge and then had lunch in Cadbury. This little village was 13 miles from Willie’s Chocolate Cacao Factory but, we had not yet heard of him. A few weeks after we got back to South Africa, Willie’s Chocolate show was aired on TV in South Africa, and the longing for his product began. Then, in September Woolworths had his chocolate for sale.

Willie's Chocolate

willies cacao

as you can see, I could not make up my mind and so I bought all three! There are recipes in the labels but I decided to use my own cake recipe and so far I have made two awesome cakes: a cinnamon cake, and a blueberry cake.

I can recommend this lovely product and now I need to start thinking outside the box and try something savoury!

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    • we have had that once and we were not super impressed – might try a proper mole sauce if I can get the right chillies 🙂

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