December 2011 Showcasing In My Kitchen

The lovely Celia, who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, has challenged us to share what is new in our kitchens – do pop on over to her blog if you want to take part in this. Welcome to what was new in my kitchen in November which I am posting in December 2011.

Starting off as usual with what was in my fridge – the first of the month happened to be the day after shopping day:

in my fridge December 2011
in my fridge

Last month my friend Sue showed us her pantry cupboard – so I decided to add this to my collection. The cupboard pic was taken before Dave decided to redo my kitchen so next month you should see a lot of changes.

my grocery cupboard
my grocery cupboard

I bought a set of blackboard hearts to mark gifts with – one gift has gone to Cindy for a challenge.

blackboard hearts
blackboard hearts

Each month I have been writing a new quote on the blackboard heart I received for my birthday in July – this was the October quote:

october quote
october quote

and here is the November quote:

november quote
november quote


We always have open red wine (for us), white wine (for cooking) and rosé wine (for a friend) and I always seem to need tops for the wine. We have a great vacuum sealer top for the red wine which sits on the table, but the wines in the fridge need something more secure. I have two of these rabbit wine sealers and can highly recommend them.

rabbit wine and champagne sealer
rabbit wine and champagne sealer

Dave has decided to remodel part of my kitchen which meant reorganizing my shelves. The coffee tin he uses for his espresso is cracked and so I needed a new one. I also needed a tin to bake my panetonne in, so I chose this one:

a tin for dave's espresso
a tin for dave’s espresso

I needed shrimp paste and could not find any in Somerset West. I went to meet my friend Sam for lunch and as I was early, I dropped in to Giovanni’s in Green Point to get some. The driving around Green Point was horrific, but the purchase of this one item was worth it.

shrimp paste December 2011
shrimp paste

I have one silpat and find it amazing, and so with my voucher from yuppiechef for the enkosi cookathon I got myself another one. I am planning on using it to roll out pasta dough  for its first use.


I also won this lovely Joseph Joseph measuring spoon – so fr it has only been used to hold my recipes on the fridge.

joseph joseph measing spoon December 2011
joseph joseph measuring spoon

part of the remodeling means putting my collection of Willies Chocolate on display. Maybe now I will remember to use it more often.

willies chocolate
willies chocolate

Cindy and I went to cook with Alvin, and I got this recipe book – it is dedicated to the both of us 🙂

master chef australia December 2011
masterchef australia

My sister has moved to Sydney and before she left I asked her to pick some bay leaves off her tree. I have never asked her before but they were great in the bobotie I made for her and this is the first time I have a bunch of fresh leaves to use.

bay leaves
bay leaves

I do not have a windowsill in my kitchen but these have been purchased for use with food even though the grow packs are in my lounge. I have had great success with the basil which I opened first.

kitchen garden December 2011
kitchen garden

Have a great December everyone!

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52 thoughts on “December 2011 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Tandy! What an amazing IMK post! So much to see, thank you so much for joining in!

    I have two blocks of Willie’s chocolate, and I’m hoarding them, so I let out a little squeal of delight when I saw you line up! My silpat mat needs to get an airing, I was given one as a gift, but I still haven’t used it yet. And I love those champagne stoppers – we have a stainless steel one, and it’s amazing how well they keep the bubbles in! Have a great December!

    1. Celia, I love sharing my kitchen so a BIG thank you to you. I have one of the stainless steel champagne toppers as well, but it tends to leak – which usually means I make sure I finish the bottle of bubbles 🙂

    1. thanks Sue, our Woolies here does not stock the shrimp paste (checked again today to make sure) 😉 no wine left over! *reminds self to get a vase*

  2. How lovely, oooo I do wish my cupboards could look like this. I think those grow packs are a great idea, when I have some time on holiday this year I shall go on a search for them. Love and hugs. xx

  3. Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us, Tandy. I’m sure your MasterChef book is a prize possession. Love the November quote. xxx

  4. You are indeed a very tidy girl and a kitchen remodel.. how exciting.. Maybe i should show my kitchen this month.. have a lovely day and I agree NEVER leave bubbles in the bottle!

  5. Working on my Cari challenge on Sunday. You have to scan Alvin’s dedication and email it to me so I can hang it in my kitchen. Friday greets to Dave and the doggies xxx

    1. I will do that for you in the holidays when I hook the home scanner up – cannot get the work one to talk to me 🙁 Friday greets and kisses back xxx

  6. I’m so impressed with how organized you are…labels on the containers really must help. I’m going to start making cookies and will use my silpat for rolling the dough. Thanks.

  7. Tandy, you’re so organized!! I really like those chalkboard hang tags! Great idea! so fun to get a peek into your kitchen!

  8. Tandy, you are so organized!! I feel and work better when I know I have everything in its place and can open my pantry and see everything organized!! I’m loving those chalkboard tags!! What a great idea! How fun to peek into your kitchen!!

  9. Wow,Tandy – you are such an inspiration with your well organised and neat cupboards!! I love those blackboard tags – where did you buy them? …and the basil and beetroot? (I am subscrbed to your blog but I am not receiving any notificatiosn…I wonder why?)

    1. I love inspiring people 🙂 The tags I got from Plastics Warehouse. The basil and beetroot from Woolies. Are you following me only, or have you signed up for emails? You need to get both to get notifications for some reason 🙂

  10. You really have great treasure in your kitchen!
    The blackboard hearts are so sweet and informative- your cabinets and fridge so organized- and the silpat mat so useful- it was a delight to visit!
    Thanks for sharing!

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