November 2023 In My Kitchen

November 2023 was full of emotions as war waged on in Gaza and Israeli hostages were released. It seems to have been the main focus for many people I know. No-one wants to see innocent lives lost or changed forever, and I can share that many tears were shed while I watched things unfold. I found solace in my kitchen, creating comforting dishes. And I spent a lot of time watching mindless cooking shows while Dave was away. The work year has been challenging, and we now have 10 days left to square everything away. Then our holiday can begin and hopefully all my plans will come to fruition.

The recipes I shared in November 2023

Ginger was on the ‘agenda’ with a ginger chocolate mousse and a double ginger cake with coconut sugar frosting. I baked banana bars for breakfasts at work using overripe bananas. Mint hummus was made to go with some lamb meatballs. And Italian dishes featured in parmigiana bianca di zucchini and stufato di melanzane.

New goodies to use

When we were in The Netherlands in October Mark, Dave and I went to the local patisserie for coffee. While we were waiting I walked around the shop and found both ruby and gold chocolate. I have only ever seen it being used on MasterChef Australia and Bake Off The Professionals so I was really excited. I bought a bag of each and cannot wait to experiment this month with them.

Chocolate November 2023

This is my December submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.
Take a look at what I blogged on December 1:

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16 thoughts on “November 2023 In My Kitchen

  1. I feel so heavy hearted too and have also been taking solace in the kitchen. Baking makes everything better. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip! Have a delicious December! xx

  2. Wow those chocolate buttons are a gorgeous colour! I’ve never seen them outside of the ordinary dark/milk/white varieties. I’m also fascinated by the Stufato di melanzane and I’m going to try making one this month 🙂 Happy holidays!

  3. The tragic fate of the Israeli kibbutz members is hard to imagine. My granddaughter’s friend thought he had lost two family members — they were presumed dead, but they miraculously (still tragically) turned out to be held hostage, and one has been released. The horror of the October 7 attack is haunting. I stand with Israel in their efforts to prevent another such event, though that results in more tragedy.
    best, mae at

    1. How awful to have a family member or members being held hostage. I am grateful no-one in my family or friendship circle were affected that way. But they have been affected by the War. All the best Mae 🙂

  4. Hi Tandy, this has been a tough year for South Africans as our economy continues to decline. The loadshedding is very discouraging. Even if you have alternative power at home, you cannot escape the chaos on the roads and the driving has deteriorated significantly over the past two years. However, we do have sunshine and blue skies, so I make the most of my garden and the joy it brings me. I’ve not seen gold or ruby chocolate ever. I don’t watch much tV. it looks interesting.

    1. I am sure you would love to experiment with these chocolates! Lucky for us, we live in a small town, and the driving standards are not too bad.

  5. Watching the news is so hard to bear. I’m glad you could channel the feelings into cooking. Everything sounds wonderful. I loved your description of the things you were going to use. Keep us posted on your upcoming holiday. Big hugs.

  6. Tandy you have had a delicious time in your kitchen, and I know that world affairs have been very distressing. Just dreadful. Hoping 2024 will be a lot happier for everyone.

  7. I remember when ruby chocolate first came out, it was very difficult to source (and expensive!) but you can find it readily enough now. I love its fruity taste. Yes this year has been so tough for so many. The whole Gaza thing is just horrendous and i feel so sad for everyone. I can’t believe how ignorant most people seem to be about the whole history of that region!! Thanks for being part of IMK this year. You are a trouper!! cheers and merry christmas etc. xx

  8. The situation in Israel is devastating and always on our mind and in our hearts. We have immediate family (sister and many first cousins ) living there. The Antisemitism on the college campuses in the US is frightening. Your ginger chocolate mousse and y our mint hummus looked really good to me this month. Good luck finishing everything up the next 10 days so you can start your holiday!

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