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Dave and I flew World Traveller Plus on British Airways from Gatwick to Cape Town. We were warmly greeted at the door and made our way to our seats. These are wider than the standard seats and have more legroom. Always a plus in my books. As the plane had a 2/4/2 configuration, we chose the window and aisle seats.

A Welcoming Drink World Traveller Plus British Airways

World Traveller Plus

The Premium Economy section is a separate, smaller cabin. The dedicated staff for this area means that there is more attentive service. I never use the personal entertainment system on a flight but Dave does. And he had no complaints which meant both of ours worked perfectly. We swap seats when it is time to go to sleep as Dave gets up during the night. Which he did a few times on this flight. He helped himself to snacks, treats and drinks in the galley during the night. The amenity kits are made from recycled material and contained lip balm, an eye shade, pen, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste. We did not take advantage of the priority boarding as we were sitting in the business class lounge before the flight. We did however make use of the extra free baggage allowance as we brought back a lot of things.

Dinner on our flight

After a welcoming drink and settling in, we were served dinner. The ingredients are locally sourced and the menu is seasonal. On our flight the starter was smoked duck with orange and mango noodle salad. The main course choices were braised British beef hotpot; fillet of cod in a Keralan curry sauce served with lemon and mustard seed rice and green beans; or pan-fried gnocchi with mild blue cheese and spinach sauce and toasted pine nuts. For dessert we were served rich chocolate and orange pot as well as Shropshire blue cheese and coastal cheddar with apple chutney. I usually always choose pasta when we fly as it helps with sleeping. But as that was not an option I went for the gnocchi, and I was not disappointed. We chose a bottle of Merlot to accompany our meal.

Wine With Dinner


For breakfast we could choose between a traditional English breakfast which really is far too much food for me. Or the cheddar cheese omelette. But as that had baked beans I went for the bigger breakfast which was pork and parsley sausage, hash-brown potato, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms. Eggs are not the best choice on a plane, but the breakfast was tasty which is really what matters. I must say that the proper cutlery, fine china and linen napkins make you feel special.

The seats and sleeping

My expectations on the seat were based on our experience on Air France. On those flights, the seat reclines within its base, so that you do not have someone reclining into you. This was not the case on British Airways. The greater recline and foot rest meant being able to lie flatter than in the normal seats. allowing for better sleep. We were also given a quilt and a wonderful pillow that I wanted to take home with me!


Would I pay extra to fly World Traveller Plus?

Without a doubt I would if I could afford to do so. Mainly because sleep is so important to me. And the extra legroom is vital for a good flight. We usually head straight back to the office when we get home, and being well rested means being more productive. On our way to London we land extremely early. Given the time difference we end up having a long day. And therefore flying in Premium Economy means we start that day in a better frame of mind.


Dave and I belong to Avios which is British Airways rewards system. We signed up on our first flight with them and used our Avios to fly Premium Economy. Even though flights around the world have been drastically reduced there will be a time again when we get to travel. 

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Do you use airmiles to fly a better class?

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13 thoughts on “World Traveller Plus British Airways

  1. thanks for your detailed review of your flight; I’ve never used anything other than basic economy, but you make this sound quite tempting. By the way, I’m not sure if you already follow his blog, but salsa world traveler offers great reviews of flights and lounges at

    1. Thanks, will pop into the blog. It has not been on my radar (no pun intended). Premium economy is very tempting, but pricey 🙂

  2. We just cancelled our summer vacation. I can’t wait to book a new one.

  3. Ahh so nice to read about flying even if it’s going to be a while away! Wow the pillow and blanket must have been good. it’s not often when you see something on a plane that you want to take home with you! I also don’t like eggs on a plane.

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