Cooking With Alvin Quah In Johannesburg

Cooking With Alvin Quah

I had already booked my flights to Johannesburg when I saw the notification that Alvin Quah of MasterChef Australia fame would be cooking at the Good Food Studio at the Pick N Pay in Hurlingham. Straight away I contacted CindyΒ and we decided to do the Hands On Cooking experience. At the time of booking I was not aware that Alvin was here through the Good Food and Wine Show. As you might know, through them and DSTV I cooked with Jonathan Daddia earlier this year.

Cooking With Alvin Quah
cooking with alvin

We arrived early at the studio and were made welcome with a choice of coffee or tea – I had some rooibos before moving into the demonstration area where we watched Alvin prepare the two dishes we would be cooking ourselves. The room was not adequately prepped which is a pity as it distracted Alvin from his chat with us. He spoke about his experiences with food and his previous trip to South Africa and I made sure when I chatted with him I found out a bit more about him. He is amazing – friendly, open and a laugh. His food style is like mine – good ingredients and comfort meals.

Cindy and Alvin Quah
cindy and alvin

After the demonstration we were split into two groups – each kitchen can take 16 people and we cooked in pairs. Of course Cindy and I chose the only station prepped for one person – but they quickly got me an apron and we were on our way. I am so used to my very sharp knives and as usual, the knives at these studios are blunt. We also had to get someone to bring us tongs and go searching for a tin opener and we were missing ingredients.

salad for drunken and bruised chicken
salad for drunken and bruised chicken

That aside, we had a great time cooking duck curry and bruised and drunken chicken – and Cindy and I enjoyed the curry we made afterwards for lunch with a glass of wine.

green duck curry
green duck curry

I have no intention of entering Master Chef South Africa but was amazed at the fact that out of 32 people there 6 were entering. I know you have to prepare a cold meal for the interview and I was astounded that people were considering salads – that seems to plain in my opinion. A dessert or terrine seems the obvious and I think it is going to be the non obvious dishes that get a second glance. Alvin did say that they are interested in the person, which of course makes sense. It is a long hard slog – 12 weeks away from home and Alvin told me how much he missed his partner, and how many relationships have broken up after the show. I could never be away from Dave for that long – even the 5 nights this trip was long enough.

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35 thoughts on “Cooking With Alvin Quah In Johannesburg

  1. Hi Tandy not sure if you know but Alvin is also a blogger and his blog can be found at

    he’s lovely and very interactive

    1. I know, but thanks for telling me – I try and follow all the blogs of the chefs I have met but it takes so much time πŸ™‚

      1. I know what you mean I have trouble keeping up with my own blogs never mind those of others. I try and keep things organised with google reader and then skim through my feed reading posts that pique my interest or have catchy titles.

        1. I have not even got my google reader sorted out – something I meant to do in December but did not get around to πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a fun experience, and you got to do it with Cindy! Shame they were a bit disorganised though. I agree, 12 weeks away is way too long – IΒ΄d rather cook happily at home for my loved ones than be a Master Chef πŸ˜‰

  3. This sounded like an amazing event. And that duck curry, even though I am not that fond of duck, really looks delicious. LOVE the salad with the drunken chicken. I just love this post

  4. What a fun experience Tandy – it is just always so disappointing to hear how unprepared these events are – non-the-less, you and Cindy had a good time and cooked delicious food.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy

  5. I’d go for the rooibos, too–I’m currently obsessed, and in love enough to have chosen it over my usual morning latte for the past few weeks–it takes a lot to get me to pass on a latte ;D Anyway, sounds like an amazing experience, glad you got the chance to go and cook!

    1. I make myself red latte’s – which uses rooibos which has been ground like espresso – they are very good πŸ™‚

      1. Wait–I could do rooibos AND a latte? I have to look into finding (or making) ground rooibos, that sounds absolutely delicious, thanks for letting me know such a thing exists!

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