Calculated In Death, JD Robb

Calculated In Death Opening line: A killer wind hurled bitter November air, toothy little knives to gnaw at the bones.

I first met Lieutenant Eve Dallas in JD Robb’s book Naked in Death and I have read every single book in the series since then. The series deals with the life and happenings of Eve Dallas, her mega rich and extremely good looking husband Roarke, and their small circle of friends. Each book however is a stand-alone story about a singular crime investigation.

It is winter in New York and they year is 2060, Seal-It has replaced surgical gloves, parenting can be a profession, and boosters can be taken when you are tired.

A married woman is found murdered on the street and Lieutenant Dallas and Detective Peabody are assigned the case. Immediately Eve sets out on the not so obvious path as to why Marta Dickenson was killed. Despite modern electronics and voice commanded computers Eve believes in the old fashioned murder board and they feature in every book. Through a process of investigation, elimination and logic Eve captures those responsible.

First published in Great British in 2013 by Piatkus.

ISBN 978-0-7499-5935-7.

Paperback. 386 pages.

Calculated In Death is an easy reading book which I managed to finish in 2 days (I read fast). I can highly recommend the book and you do not need to read the entire series to get the gist of the personal stories in the books. This book makes for light adult reading, and both Dave and I enjoyed it.

Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Books South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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18 thoughts on “Calculated In Death, JD Robb

  1. I got the collection but have not really looked at reading it, after this I will have to put one or two on my ereader!

    1. I also love her Nora Roberts books but I prefer these. However saying that, the Nora Roberts books are such light reading they are perfect for when we travel 🙂

  2. I’m looking for a new series of books.. Will look at JD Robb. I inherited a book shelf and have finished most books in just over a year…

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