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Chanel Marais

This year’s Ultimate Braai Master winners were Chanel Marais And Nick Perfect. Chanel Marais was the other half of the Salty Flames team and here are her answers.

Chanel Marais & Nick Perfect
Chanel Marais & Nick Perfect

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

Ohhh, there have been many people I have met along my travels that have not only intrigued me but influenced my way of life and thinking. However, If I must be honest my parents did a pretty good job parenting my naughty butt and my gorgeous younger brother. My dad is like a true life superhero, he may not fix all my problems with words but he has always lead by example in terms of Value, Morals and Integrity. He is a true stunner of a human, not just a father but my role model. My mother is our glue, without her we would have fallen apart. She is a women with a solution to every problem and no matter the mess she will stand strong behind us. Her laugh and vibrance fills the room, she is a true character that had guided, lead and helped me be the women I am today.

What started you on the path of cooking?

I have always been someone whom doesn’t like the conventional flavours, spice and creativity are my two main ingredients to good plate of food. When I decided that I wanted to go and study Hotel and Restaurant Management, there I discovered a deeper understanding of food. Once I finished studying I packed my bags and decided I was going to find myself a job that could take me around the world, and so I did. During my roads less travelled I indulged myself in the aromas of the street food, the flavours of the locals spices, that’s where my inspiration of food comes from, it’s a global infusion and an expression of myself.

Which three ingredients could you not live without?

Garlic, Salt and Chilli (the things you can do with those ingredients will transform a plate of food, from Fab to Fabulous)

Which of your kitchen tools would you take with you anywhere and everywhere?

My 4 way Grater/Slicer… I heavily dislike peeling potatoes and other vegetables, however this golden piece of equipment, not only peels; it grates, slices and makes the food look so pretty at the same time. However, the most important reason is that Nick likes playing with it and that means he is willing to help out rather than observe (its all a coy)

Do you have any pet peeves in the kitchen?

Ohhhh, wait until you all watch this season, Nick is in trouble more than he is not… I speak fast, think fast and work fast, if you are not fast, you’re slow, and then you’re a problem. It was a problem. But what makes it all worse is when Nick is in trouble he laughs, and then ladies and gentlemen you have showbiz! So, I just require sense of urgency and a little bit of meticulous work ethic, prioritizing, but most of all CLEANLINESS in my kitchen! I don’t ask for much J

Which meal is your all time favourite?

My mothers banging red stew with Yellow pap… No idea whats in it, I don’t want to know because I will mess it up forever with all my spice and creativity hehehe. Its wholesome and hearty, everything one needs when visiting the rentals. I was really hoping Nick was going to give me a sound mention with his one but I lost out, now I have to taste this roast chicken.

Which restaurant could you visit over and over again?

Nobu, I love Asia. I tasted 16 different meals that evening I visited the restaurant and it was Mind blowing, a taste sensation, a true experience, a journey of the palate everyone should be honoured to experience.

If you could only have one recipe book, which one would it be?

Nick darling, I would have to agree. (Nick’s answer: I think the only recipe book I’d need is the book Chanel and I are going to be releasing sometime in 2017. Its has everything from Starters to Deserts.) This recipe book will be the most special one I could ever own, every dish was created on the spot, using local and readily available ingredients. There may be some peculiar dishes but those are the ones that everyone will want to try.

If you could work alongside one chef for a day who would that be?

Yet again Goose (Nick), I would have to agree. (Nick’s answer: Justin Bonello really is an artist of the out door cooking scene.) I have had the pleasure of working with some great Chef is my Career as a Chief Stewardess but Justin is a true fire master, he not only knows his stuff he has the humour and character to make the visit around the fire that much more special. It’s a theatrical experience not just a culinary one, that is what we should all remember, let it be about more than just the food but the experience.

Which ingredient will you not eat or cook with?

Maybe I should write a book about this instead of a recipe book. Brusselsprouts (I don’t even know how to spell it), the smell makes me do a U-turn and they just not very friendly vegetables.

What is on top of your bucket list?

Health and Happiness with my main man, Goose

What is your food philosophy?

Respect the ingredients, let it speak for itself, enhancing the flavours and not distracting from it. P.S eat with your mouth closed

Any parting words for the readers?

When you watch the show, just remember it was long hot days and I wasn’t mean I was just trying to juice the potential out of Nick. We are a happy couple J. On a serious note, we hope that we made all our supporters proud and we can only hope that when you all find out what we doing next that you will come by and let us treat you for a theatrical experience around the flames.

Disclosure: This interview was facilitated by Inky Dresner from Soapbox Communications & Events. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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  1. Brussel sprouts get such a bad wrap, I love them! I do understand what Chanel is saying though 🙂

  2. Such a great interview, thank you for taking the time to do such a lovely write up on us.

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