Curry has to be one of the most thumbed through recipe books in my collection. Each time I page through it I find more dishes I want to try. In my opinion this is the only book you need to cover all aspects of this cuisine.

Prawn Pathia Curry


Subtitled fragrant dishes from India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia there are numerous recipes in this book worth a second glance. Each section includes a brief history as well as a list of the ingredients used in that region. The raw materials are explained which has proven to be most useful to me over the years.

Chapters are divided into:
  • North India (recipes contributed by Vivek Singh)
    • Rajasthan
    • Delhi and Punjab
    • Lucknow and Awadh
    • Bungay
  • South India (recipes contributed by Das Sreedharan)
  • Pakistan (recipes contributed by Mahmood Akbar)
  • Myanmar and Maritime South East Asia (recipes contributed by Sri Owen)
    • Myanmar
    • Malaysia
    • Singapore
    • Indonesia
    • Philippines
  • Thailand (recipes contributed by David Thompson)
  • Mainland South East Asia (recipes contributed by Corinne Tring)
    • Cambodia
    • Laos
    • Vietnam
  • Outposts
    • Africa (recipes contributed by Roopa Gulati)
    • Caribbean (recipes contributed by Judy Bastyra)
    • Britain (recipes contributed by Roopa Gulati)
    • Japan (recipes contributed by Yasuko Fukuoka)
Alloo Curry
Alloo Curry
Recipes that caught my eye:
  • Ghee, clarified butter (p26)
  • Makai ka soweta, lamb and sweetcorn (p32)
  • Murgh makhani, old Delhi-style chicken (p42)
  • Kadhai paneer, stir-fry of paneer cheese with peppers (p44)
  • Naan (p50)
  • Nalli gosht, slow-braised lamb shank in saffron sauce (p52)
  • Chingri malai curry, King prawns in coconut sauce (p65)
  • Bhapa lobster, steamed lobster with coconut, ginger and chilli (p66)
  • Murgir jhol, home-style chicken (p72)
  • Madras meen kolambu, tamarind fish (p87)
  • Meen kari, Sri Lanka fish stew (p92)
  • Koyilandi konju masala, boatman’s prawn masala (p93)
  • Kerala lamb (p99)
  • Kozhy kuruma, South Indian chicken korma (p104)
  • Kukul mus kari, Sri Lankan chicken (p105)
  • Palak gosht, spinach and lamb (p130)
  • Tamatar gosht, lamb and tomato (p131)
  • Desi murgh curry, special chicken (p134)
  • Jhinga curry, prawn (p137)
  • Alloo curry, potato (p144)
  • Lassan achar, pickled garlic (p148)
  • Kheera raita, cucumber raita (p153)
  • Balanchaung, dried shrimp relish (p170)
  • Sambal kacang, peanut sauce (p171)
  • Ohno kwautskwe, Burmese chicken noodle soup (p172)
  • Kye thar hin, chicken curry with lime and tomatoes (p176)
  • Rendang daging, beef rendang (p177)
  • Laksa lemak, laksa with prawns and tofu (p180)
  • Adobong manok, chicken adobo (p195)
  • Karé-karé, braised oxtail with peanut sauce (p198)
  • Kreaung geng geng gwio warn, green curry paste (p217)
  • Geng gari gai, aromatic curry of chicken and potatoes (p246)
  • Gang keo guong, green prawn curry with fresh dill (p277)
  • Cari, Vietnamese all-purpose curry powder (p282)
  • Cari ga, chicken curry with sweet potatoes and carrots (p285)
  • Bobotie, spiced mince baked with savoury custard please (p306)
  • Leila’s Guyanese chicken curry (p319)
  • Tamarind water (p322)
  • Rogan Josh, lamb curry with aromatic spices (p327)
  • Chicken korma, creamy chicken curry with nuts (p328)
  • Chicken tikka masala (p330)
  • Prawn balti (p332)


Why I would buy this book

The recipes that are in bold are ones I have already made. As you can see, that is quite a few. And just for that reason alone I would recommend you buy this recipe book. Not only for the excellent recipes and great ingredient resource, but also for the glossary. At the end you will find a list of stockists in some countries.

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