February 2020 Showcasing In My Kitchen

February 2020 started off with no social plans whatsoever. This is so unusual for us, and it did not take long for that to change. We also started the month with load shedding which meant planning cooking and baking around the times the power would be on. #welcometoafrica

Creations from my kitchen February 2020
Cheese Knives

Hannah (read Carli) gave me these cheese knives for Christmas. She is called Hannah Haasie by her parents which means little rabbit or bunny to be precise. As you can see, the tops have bunnies on them. They are a special gift, one that will be treasured forever. And they work really well!


Cheese Knives Frank Cooper's Marmalade

Cold Tea Infusion

While I was shopping for Rooibos tea I saw this box of cold tea infusion. I drink a lot of water and flavour it with fresh lemon and ginger most of the time. But, the idea of being able to travel with these tea bags and flavour my water sounded really good, so I bought a box. They are very pricey but I think they are worth the expense.

Cold Tea Infusion February 2020

Frank Cooper’s Marmalade

After we arrived at my cousin in November I unpacked our smaller suitcase into the larger one. I knew we would be short on space in the boot, and we had a few things that did not need to travel around England with us. At the end of the trip while packing up, I found this jar of marmalade. I knew for sure I had not bought it and asked Anne how it got there. She said that because I liked the marmalade she had gone and bought a jar for me to take home. Not only is it really good, but, it is a lovely memory of our time together.

Frank Cooper's Marmalade February 2020

Taylors Coffee

Anne also slipped in a packet of Taylors Coffee for us to take home. This is their favourite blend at the moment and Dave and I used it up in December.

Taylors Coffee February 2020


This is my March 2020 submission to the #IMK series, hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens. Pop on over to her blog to take a peek.

Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime March 4:

To a life well lived in 2020!

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13 thoughts on “February 2020 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. What fun! I love the bunny cheese knives. I love buying cheese knives and spreaders. I give them a lot as gifts, especially when I notice people don’t own any. How can one not have cheese knives?!!!

  2. The lime and cherry tarts are my two favorite inspirations from your kitchen this month Tandy. My husband keeps entertaining, that is, he invites people over and expects me to pull through. One of these days, I’m just going to let him deal, haha.

  3. hi tandy
    thanks for being part of IMK this month. i really like your idea of putting thumbnails of your feb meals. looking good. those bunny knives are cute. I am a huge bunny fan, as is my niece. so there are a few bunny items around our house. have a good march.

  4. Your new cheese knives and spreaders look very useful. I love all kinds of serving pieces, so I have a variety of similar items. You really did a lot of cooking in march!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. Love the meals and treats you prepared, anything with mushrooms has my attention. I haven’t seen this brand of marmalade in my area but I’m always willing to try a new one.

    Thanks for the comment about my garlic butter! Its super easy to roast garlic and smash it into soft butter. Mmmm

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