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Welcome to March 2015 edition of In My Kitchen hosted by Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial. It is amazing that March is here. I have been so busy, and we have been enjoying the most amazing summer. As it was too hot to be in my kitchen for a couple of weekends, I took time off from cooking for my blog. It was quite enjoyable to have nothing planned but I am back into recipe testing and developing. Using my digital thermometer I have been tempering chocolate and so I bought some acetate to make some decorations on. It is re-usable so an A4 size piece was all that I need for now.

March 2015

Le Creuset had a sale, and I could not resist these bean pots. I have not yet found a use for them but I am sure that won’t take me too long when the weather cools down and we start eating comfort food again.

Bean Pots
Bean Pots

I don’t prop my blog photographs but I do like unusual and interesting containers to use to showcase what I have made. I found these cute little pots at Friedman and Cohen – a bloggers paradise if you are looking for anything unusual and interesting. I know exactly what will be made to go into these – watch this space!


Dave and I went to the Lourensford Harvest Market and I came home with these amazing mushrooms. I made a mushroom risotto for dinner and it was delicious.


My piping skills leave a lot to desire, and I very seldom bother piping, but, being a bit of a neat freak I could not resist this set of nozzles. I have put my existing nozzles into the container as well – and amazingly, I have no duplicate sizes!

Piping Nozzles March 2015
Piping Nozzles

My scale came to the end of its life. It served me well as both a scale and a trivet. Sadly I burnt part of the plastic when placing a hot pot onto the scale. I chose this scale as the numbers are large enough for me to read without my glasses on 😉

Scale March 2015

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43 thoughts on “March 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Oh, love the look of those mushrooms Tandy and I adore mushroom risotto.

  2. Always so many lovely things in your kitchen Tandy. My digital scale must be one of the first they made and is still going strong with the original batteries too.
    Have a wonderful day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. afternoon Tandy. I always enjoy the In My Kitchen posts – always plenty to enjoy. Those mushrooms look particularly good and I bet tasted amazing too.

  4. This piping accessories are fantastic. I would love to pipe up a dessert, never have before! Been watching The Great British Baking Experiment and I love watching all those seasoned bakers pipe. Your “Shrooms” are quite impressive as well. So pretty! Never seen mushrooms like that before. Can only imagine it being to hot to cook! Ha. So much snow here can’t get out the front door and it’s not letting up anytime soon.

  5. What a variety of mushrooms – and wow – those nozzles – that’s what I need to take my non-existent piping skills to the next level!

  6. Ooooh, that acetate sounds interesting! Love those Le Creuset pots, so cute. I don’t use ‘props’ in my photos either, all of the things I use are from my own kitchen. My house is crowded enough! That piping set looks great too, Tandy! You’ll have fun with that. xo

  7. Hi Tandy, learning to temperate chocolate seems much harder than it looks, great gadgets in your kitchen this month for sure!!!!

  8. Love the bean pots, and I agree, French onion soup would be fantastic in them. Beautiful mushrooms as well, I’m sure the risotto was delicious.

  9. I cannot resist retro crockery, mostly just buy it because I covet it, but lately have tried to use some in occasional food photos, to show it off. 🙂
    Kavey (first time IMK poster)

  10. Oh – so you use acetate for chocolate designs. That makes sense. You learn something new every day. I’m desperate for some new scales but am waiting until after our renovation as I’m trying to de-clutter. I nearly caved for my birthday but decided I really didn’t want my family choosing my kitchen scales for me, I need to choose my own. Cheers Tandy

  11. WOW, who knew there were that many piping tips available? Piping intimidates me, so I doubly admire bakers who master the art… or want to. Love the bright red little bean pots for their bright, cheery attitude.

  12. Finally getting around to all the IMK’s for March, just in Time for April! LOL Really can you ever have too much Le Crusete 🙂 and I’m sure there will be some yummy food you can cook in them! I have some of those cute little pots. My local Yum Cha has is beautiful Jasmine tea and they come in these pots! I do like the look of your novel set… it is something I don’t have and on my list! Thanks for sharing! liz xx

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