Fresh Mackerel

I have never tried fresh mackerel – only the smoked and peppered version you can buy at any good grocery shop.  We saw quite an abundance of this fish in Italy but as we did not have the facilities to cook fish properly, we never purchased some to try. So, when I went in to Seafood on Sail to get my tuna there were these lovely looking mackerel waiting to be tasted and tested.

"mackerel with vegetables"
© mackerel with vegetables

The fishmonger made two lovely fillets for me and I seasoned these with salt and a fair bit of freshly ground black pepper. These were pan fried in a hot pan until cooked. The fish is oily so you don’t need to oil it first. And I am sure it can withstand a lot of flavours, so I will be back to the fishmonger soon to try some more.

This was served with parsley butter drenched steamed potatoes, corn on the cob and peas.

As an aside, the last packet of frozen peas I purchased are not great, and I am going to have to do something with them soon to use them all up.


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