Taste Restaurant, Somerset West

Taste Restaurant moved and we did not eat at the new venue. They have subsequently closed.

Taste Restaurant used to be situated on the Klein Helderberg Road – off the R44 in Somerset West. The review and photographs below are from when we ate at that venue.

The setting gives you a sense of being in a large dining room and you can see right into the kitchen where Anton is busy creating your meal for you. Ed, the owner, is a gracious host, whose attention to detail will have you coming back again, and again. Other than the main dining area, there is a separate area which is blocked off where you can have a party – and in summer, you will be able to dine al fresco, enjoying the beautiful out doors and view of the mountains.

Taste Restaurant
Taste Restaurant

The venue and décor is amazing, and there is always enough staff on hand to ensure you are never left waiting for anything. Part of the wine list is Wines with Heart which is really worth looking at here. The menu has a great front page, listing their very reasonable corkage fees, and the fact that there are no condiments on the table as they believe the food has been seasoned to perfection – they are more than right.

If you are looking for hand crafted cheeses be sure to inquire about the selection Anton has made.

We met friend’s for dinner one Friday night, and while waiting for them I read the menu. This has to be looked at each time you go, as it changes according to what is regional and seasonal.  I made up my mind what to eat, but had I gone with Ed’s recommendations I would have been just as satisfied.

Eric wanted a try of the tuna starter and so I ordered a duo of blue nose and Tuna Carpaccio.  Long Fin tuna is not my favourite for anything but drenching in a sauce, but the starter was perfect!  I then went for the Oven Roasted Pork Belly as my main meal. The skin was crispy and crunchy and the meat soft and delicious. Tracey had this as her starter and as a fussy eater she had recommended this.  For dessert I had a malva pudding and a crème brûlée and a ball of ice cream served with a berry coulis. Now, I was not being greedy – this is a three dessert sample plate so you can enjoy the best of all worlds.

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