Food Quiz Number 79 For A Friday

It has been a long time since Zirkie last posted a quiz and at least I have time today to complete Friday’s Food Quiz Number 79. I am not sure if my answers are correct so if you would like to check up on my, take a look at Zirkie’s blog on Monday. If you want to take part, follow this link and don’t read my answers!

1. What is palmiers also known as? elephant ears. Woolworths used to make a sugar free version which I ate a lot of, but they are so easy to make that I have often done them at home.

2. Where will you most traditionally be served “Soji”? India? I think I remember seeing a dish with this name on a local blog and the blogger is from Durban, of Indian descent.

3. What is a ragout? A stew, French in origin but most commonly associated with Italian Bolognese sauce

4. What is a Monte Bianco? Literally translated to White Mountain if my Italian is OK, I would guess this is a Mont Blanc which is a dessert made of chestnuts and cream

5. What is orzata? Orzo is Italian for barley, so something made with barley? Given the Italian propensity for making alcoholic beverages from anything, maybe a barley liqueur?

6. What are the main ingredients of a meuniére sauce? Translated to ‘miller’ from French the base ingredient  would have to be flour. One dredges fish in flour and cooks it in a beurre noisette and served with lemon and parsley. 

7. What is an Heirloom seed? this term is often bandied about on cooking shows, especially in America, but actually refers to old cultivars of English seeds. The term is used in Australia and is popping up here now.

8. What is the main ingredient of beignets de banane? a beignet is fried dough which I refer to as the hole of the doughnut. Bananas would be the main ingredient in this version. My favourite beignets are served at the Cafe Du Mond in New Orleans. I had mine with a cup of hot chocolate and I still have the mug it was served in over 20 years ago.

9. What is the main ingredient of falafelsChickpeas

Food Quiz Number 79

10. What does “pickling” means in culinary terms? Preserving using a brining method

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    1. Mostly Bolognese is associated with mince meat but in Italy it is made from sliced meat, and the best I have ever had is Wild Boar Cheek 🙂

  1. Very good answers Tandy…I also have learned a couple of things meuniére sauce?Heirloom seed?

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