I Made It Challenge Monkey Bread

I Made It Challenge Monkey Bread

This month, my dear friend Ange has set the challenge! This month: I Made It Challenge Monkey Bread. You can find the challenge here. In order to take part, here are the rules.

  • you must link back to the original post in your post
  • you must link back to this post in your post
  • you must include the widget in your post:
I Made It Challenge Monkey Bread
I Made It

You have until midnight at the end of the month to post your recipe. Basically, have fun!

Sourdough Monkey Bread
Sourdough Monkey Bread

If you would like to host next month’s challenge, please let me know.

What I blogged:


2021: Each year I go through my posts to see how the boundaries have been moved by SEO. Titles need to be widened or shortened. Meta descriptions need altering. And posts need lengthening. And this is one of them. It is so difficult to go back in memory 8 years and try and write more copy for this post. I can tell you that I had every intention on making this monkey bread again. It is such an easy recipe and the result is worth the effort. But time and other challenges have ensure that this has not happened.

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17 thoughts on “I Made It Challenge Monkey Bread

  1. Due to an unexpected family emergency I was not able yo post my Zabaione~ Which turned out great, I made it with Creme’ de Almond liqueur. So I am not going to miss this challenge for Monkey Bread….even if I have to post on the very last day:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

    1. So glad you will take part! There are a lot of people who promised to take part but didn’t. If it grows then I will create a list 🙂

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