April 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

It is always a great thing to showcase what is in my kitchen. This is my April 2012 blog post. If you want to, please join Celia, who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, by sharing with us what is in your kitchen!

In my fridge on the 1st of March was ….

2 Le Creuset dishes with two lovely recipes I will share with you soon

April 2012
In My Fridge April 2012

It is so interesting to me to see what is in my fridge. Especially when I look back and see what is still there the following month. And what regular items feature month in and month out.

In my kitchen …..

is my afternoon green tea – I use the following combination and leave or add things out  depending on my mood – jasmine flowers, fresh ginger, lemon, honey, cinnamon, turmeric

Jasmine Tea With Fresh Ginger April 2012
Jasmine Tea With Fresh Ginger

In my kitchen there is ….

champagne vinegar – which I decided to get instead of sherry vinegar as I am much more of a bubbly girl!

champagne vinegar April 2012
champagne vinegar

In my kitchen is ….

February’s inspirational quote which I have not changed as I really like it!

February's inspirational saying April 2012
February’s inspirational saying

Wishing you all an Amazing April 🙂

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44 thoughts on “April 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Thanx for sharing your kitchen with us,I must say your fridge looks tidy I wish mine was 🙂

    1. You did not look close enough! There is always wine in my fridge (in case you visit LOL) Take a look next to the sauerkraut – the little yellow lid!

  2. Tandy, happy April to you too! Thanks for sharing what’s in your kitchen – I always think you’re brave to take a photo of your fridge every month, mine is a mess! 🙂 Do you put green tea in with your tea as well, or it is a purely herbal mix? I love your little infuser mug. And champagne vinegar is a new discovery for us too – love it!

    1. The tea depends on my mood, so I use what ever I feel like and sometimes add some green tea – or sometimes even rooibos. Have a super day 🙂

  3. Looking forward to those recipes Tandy and a Happy April to you too.
    🙂 Mandy

  4. LOL, Celia… I would be afraid to photograph my fridge too… so cluttered! Love the look of your tea Tandy. I can imagine the fresh zing of the ginger! Thanks for having me in your kitchen ; )

  5. I love these things in your kicthen! Your fridge is really clean & lovely. I love your prepared tea! Yummy! I also love champagne vinegar! So tasty too! And I absolutely love that phrase on your boeard!

    I just gave you an AWARD! Yeah!
    Why? Come over @ my latest post & check out why!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh, it is there – I will have to point it out next month properly, but take a close look next to the Sauerkraut and you will see a yellow lid! White wine chilling 🙂

  6. Your tea looks very inviting!
    I sometimes add the center (the hard part that you usually throw away) into herbal and green teas. It carries a lot of flavor even if it isn’t edible and adds much to tisanes.
    Thanks for sharing your kitchen- I always enjoy these little visits.

  7. Your refrigerator is so organized! I have so many condiments and things I’ve bought and only used once that I have to go through it every so often and throw things out. You’ve just reminded me that it’s time to do that!

  8. Ooo, Le Creuset! I would love a set of their cookware–wish it wasn’t so pricey! Excited to learn what’s inside, too. And fresh ginger tea is delicious! Yum.

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