Food Quiz Number 14 For A Friday

My friend Zirkie posts a weekly quiz which I love to do. My answers might not be correct but here they are for Friday’s Food Quiz Number 14.

1. What is “Au gratin”?

A baked dish which is topped with breadcrumbs or cheese 

2. What is a challah and give another name for it?

Braided bread, eaten on a Friday night in Jewish homes for the Sabbath. Tastes yummy in the morning when toasted, so keep some aside. Known also as Kitke 

Food Quiz Number 14

3. What do Calendulas (marigolds), Daylilies and Hibiscus have in common?

they are all perennials and are edible

4. Give another name for soybean curd and what is it?

Tofu, which is an edible curd used by vegetarians 

5. Strawberries are native to which country?


6. Name the vegetable on which the ancient Egyptians placed their right hands when taking an oath.


7. What fruits are crossed to produce a nectarine?

peaches and plums 

8. Which country produces two-thirds of the world’s vanilla?


9. What are prunes?

part of the plum family, mostly sold as dried fruit

10. What sticky sweetener was traditionally used as an antiseptic to treat cuts and burns?

honey (and we should still use it today as good honey is a wonderful healer)

11. Name the Italian Christmas cake?

(I lost a R100 bet with my dad to this) panettone

12. How does double cream differ from single cream?

it has has a higher fat content than single cream 

13. Which condiment throughout history has frequently been valued equal to or more precious than gold?

salt (which is why friends of mine won’t place it hand to hand)

14. To what temperature would you boil sugar to get it to the hard ball stage?

my candy thermometer does not say – but a guess at 160deg C

15. What seeds are commonly associated with rye bread?

caraway seeds

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24 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 14 For A Friday

  1. I knew nearly everything! I love thesefood quizzes a lot & that’s also why I just gave you an AWARD! 🙂 Yeah!
    Why? Come over @ my latest post & check out why!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I really wanted to post a quiz yesterday, but the girls are home for a short break from Varsity and we were talking till very late! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  3. I did O.K. Posts like this quiz keep me coming back. I never leave your site empty handed and always have a tip or interesting dish to take back to my own kitchen. Thank you for the work you do in readying your posts for us. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

  4. Tandy, I love the Friday food quiz and the big AHA moment! Salt: I remember that in some countries like Spain, salt could only be bought at a tabacco store because there was a tax on it. Strange custom using an onion for oath taking: probably it made them cry or did it make them look more plausible and dediated to their task?

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