November 2014 Showcasing In My Kitchen

Each month Celia from Fig Jam And Lime Cordial hosts bloggers who share their in my kitchen posts. Usually I manage to read each and every single one of them but in September I was too busy scheduling my blog posts for while we were in France, and in October I have been busy catching up on the bloggers who I read on a regular basis. Hopefully this month I will be able to peek into a lot more kitchens! Thank you if you are here taking a look into my kitchen in November 2014!

My mom sent me a birthday present just before we flew overseas. I have paged through and drooled over many of the recipes and have put it aside to work through in December. Next month we will be on leave and I plan on getting through my do to list then.

Choclatique In My Kitchen November 2014

When we are in France we always buy duck liver pâté. Please do not read fois gras and be offended. This is not liver from force fed ducks. My blog ethos is about sustainability, and just like we eat chicken livers, we also eat duck livers. This  pâté is amazing and perfect for a lunch time treat.

Duck Liver Pâté In My Kitchen November 2014
Duck Liver Pâté

Last month I hosted a giveaway on behalf of Le Creuset for CANSA. Part of the lovely gifts I received included this fridge magnet.

Magnet In My Kitchen November 2014

In Paris we went to a visit to the Maille boutique store. I am in love with mustard and all the flavours we saw and we came home with only 3 bottles. I am so going back next year for some other flavours.

Mustard In My Kitchen November 2014

When we were in Nevers we went into a chocolatier and Dave bought himself a pastry which was beautifully packaged in a box. I chose some 100% chocolate which I shall use to make chocolates when next I have time.

Pascal Caffet In My Kitchen November 2014
Pascal Caffet

There is a new product on the market called gooi & enjoy. For those of you who do not speak Afrikaans, gooi translates to throw. It is a set of meal dice to use as inspiration for cooking. I will be reviewing the dice soon, but in the meantime I am showing off the wooden spoon that was made for me.

Wooden Spoon
Wooden Spoon

I also received a fantastic spoon holder which is so useful. It fits perfectly onto my butcher’s block and does not slip and slide away. I love that it is flat and easy to clean and the saying on it – just perfect!

Spoon Holder
Spoon Holder

We visited Sancerre while we were on the barge and the visit necessitated 2 taxi trips. While Dave was waiting for the taxi to bring me, he went into the tourism office. Together with a map of the village, he bought this wine opener. I will use it and remember what was our great last morning on the barge and our visit to the amazing museum in Sancerre.

Wine Opener In My Kitchen November 2014
Wine Opener

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70 thoughts on “November 2014 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Visiting a chocolatier sounds absolutely fabulous! I would just love to have shared that experience, but that is what good travel is all about – wonderful experiences. So jealous of your purchase. Looking forward to you maybe doing a post on what you made from that chocolate bit!

  2. G’day! What a great post Tandy! One I enjoyed today! Loved your personalized spoon! Thanks for this month’s kitchen view also!
    Cheers! Joanne

  3. What a lot of yumminess that you brought home with you. I love the cute spoon holder and Sancerre is my favourite wine so the bottle opener is a good one too. Looking forward to seeing what treats you make from the cook book. Thanks for the peek into your kitchen.

  4. Tandy, you brought home some tasty, useful souvenirs. The nice thing about the edible ones is that you’ll have to go back for more! I noticed the packaging, too — almost too pretty to open! (Almost…)

    1. It was nearly almost too pretty to open, but the pastry inside was too much to resist. Luckily we will be back there next year April 🙂

  5. I love your collection Tandy. My favorite definitely has to be your spoon holder. Its just so cute.

  6. My husband would love that wine opener. I do love how the fois gras has come from ducks that have have been well treated. You certainly do have a lot of beautiful things in your kitchen this month. We have a Maille store close to where I live and I often buy the products – such a great selection of quality mustards and pickles xx

  7. Tandy I had to look twice – I thought the magnet WAS a Le Creuset pot! It looks so authentic! The chocolate book sounds like a great read, and I love duck liver pate too! Lorraine gave me some great Maille mustard with celeriac, and I’ve decided I need a spoon holder like yours as well! 🙂

    1. The magnet looks just like a real pot, it is so amazing. I must look out for that mustard! I will see if I can order the spoon holders Celia 🙂

  8. Looks like you had a ball buying edible souvenirs from your holiday – and now you just have to go back to buy some more mustard. I like your thinking 🙂

  9. i love that wooden spoon and spoon holder tandy. isn’t it fun to make your own flavoured liqueur? I do it every xmas. and we love mustard in this house so i always make big batches of it several times a year. have fun with the book.

  10. What a divine and tasty IMK, Tandy. Wow, so many beautiful things to taste and use, I’m very envious. I love your tins of pâté, they look so very decadent, what a treat.

    Lovely to visit you in your kitchen this month.

  11. Thank you for letting us peek in your beautiful Paris kitchen – loving everything you’re showing & hopefully will get there one day to enjoy some of those beautiful delicacies 🙂 I’m loving the fact you pointed out about the fois gras not being force fed – I’ve always been a bit scared about that. And I’m a bit interested in your dice game too – can’t wait to read about it. See you next month at IMK

    1. I will be posting about the dice game soon. I love the fois gras but I would never buy a product where the animals are treated cruelly. Thanks for the visit 🙂

  12. Hi Tandy, a great collection in your kitchen this month. I’m with you on the foi gras, love liver but not into cruelty. How awesome to have a spoon with your name on it!

  13. Sounds like you sure got a few goodies in France. Hope you enjoyed the trip.
    That owl spoon holder is the cutest!!!!!
    I’m nearly through the list of “in my kitchens” for this month – only 2 days left hehe

  14. What a wonderful kitchen you have this month… I have been very busy in my kitchen too so I am only now catching up on the rest of the IMK posts…you are a woman after my own heart… Mustard, duck liver and chocolate… The only thing that could make that better would be truffles 🙂 thanks for sharing! Liz x PS that spoon and spoon holder are wonderful!

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