November 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

It is my intention to make each recipe that was submitted for #ISW2015 and so I started in November 2015 with the recipe from Celia who blogs over at Fig Jam And Lime Cordial and who hosts our monthly in my kitchen posts. For these buttermilk scones I followed the weight measures (1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder for me was 7g), and Dave declared these to be delicious. I served them with my marmalade and very thick cream. They made 5 large scones, and one mini one for testing.

Celia's Buttermilk Scones In My Kitchen November 2015
Celia’s Buttermilk Scones

I received a lovely goody bag from !Khwa Ttu which included a toffee from Darling Sweet Toffee. I was told by one of the locals that they do an assortment of flavours. I was sent home with the orange and pomegranate.

Darling Sweet Toffee In My Kitchen November 2015
Darling Sweet Toffee

It also included a bottle of Jane’s Dundee marmalade, which is made with whisky 🙂

Dundee Marmalade In My Kitchen November 2015
Dundee Marmalade

And a book on ethnobotany which I have loaned to a friend who has an amazing indigenous garden.

Ethnobotany Of The San In My Kitchen November 2015
Ethnobotany Of The San

Plus a bottle of wine from Ormonde.

Ormonde Sauvignon Blanc In My Kitchen November 2015
Ormonde Sauvignon Blanc

And some venison salami which comes from the animals hunted on the reserve, and made onsite.

Venison Salami In My Kitchen November 2015
Venison Salami

I have had my copy of Perfect Parties in and out of my kitchen as I test recipes for review.

Perfect Parties - Janet Kohler
Perfect Parties – Janet Kohler

These are 4 of the plenty sweet potatoes that were in my garden and which made their way into my kitchen to be turned into crisps and soup and taken to work to be enjoyed for lunch.

Sweet Potatoes In My Kitchen November 2015
Sweet Potatoes

What I blogged November 4:

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48 thoughts on “November 2015 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Wow Tandy you always have such interesting items in your kitchen. Jam with whiskey it it…that is on my must try list. Venison salami would be inhaled by my boys… However, the item that made me chuckle was your little pudgy sweet potato. Take Care

  2. Those buttermilk scones look absolutely divine! SO suited for various occasions. And what a lovely good bag! The toffee has won my heart ~ would love to sample. How delectable. Goody bags are so fun, I guess it’s time to raid my kiddos Halloween candy bag to sooth myself, Ha.

  3. Oh Tandy – I wish I was in your kitchen! That marmalade sounds delicious and I need a copy of The Perfect Parties book!

  4. The Perfect Parties book has a wonderful cover and that salami looks delicious as do your scones – a good month by all accounts:-)

  5. I’ve never tried growing sweet potatoes although they are a favorite. Do they take up much space in the garden or require a lot of water? Scones look delicious.

    1. They took up a lot of space as I did not even know they were growing. But, if you have a contained space that would work best. They were not watered that often either. Thanks for the visit 🙂

  6. The scones look lovely. The toffe sounds delicious as does the marmalade. We tried sweet potatoes one year in the garden with no success. Maybe it’s time to try it again.

  7. Tandy, I love the rosy hue on your sweet potatoes. (Here they’re sort of a dull orange.) I can just imagine how tasty your crisps turned out — had to peek at that post in between (GREAT seasoning combo) and your soup is now bookmarked, too (ditto on the seasonings!) Everything just “goes together” — scones with thick cream and marmalade (yours or the Dundee version), an incredible glass of Sauvignon Blanc, sweet potato crisps or soup, the pure flavor of venison salami, and toffee for dessert… sigh. I could eat and sip my way though all of it! (Probably not in one sitting, ha!) Thanks for this “Perfect Party” of a post! 🙂 xo

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