La Nuova Italia, Naples

I always feel that the best way to be a part of the local culture is to eat where the locals eat. This was no different to when we were in Naples. I asked the hotel concierge where the best place was to get supper. He recommended La Nuova Italia.

La Nuova Italia

La Nuova Italia

Pasquale and Paolo Barretta have two locations of La Nuova Italia. One is in Casoria and the other is in Secondigliano, where we ate dinner. Da Paolo is a historic Neapolitan pizzeria and trattoria, having been established nearly 3 decades ago. However, the key to their authentic and traditional cuisine is the passing down of the art of pizza making from generation to generation.

Our meal

Dave and I chose traditional dishes to enjoy for dinner. We shared a plate of the alici fritte (€8) to start. These fried anchovies were something we had never tried before and a snack I would have again with no complaint. I had the gnocchi del Monaco (€12) as my main meal which was served with provolone del Monaco, courgette cream and prawns. The dish was rich and complex in flavour. Dave had his favourite pasta dish of all time, spaghetti alle vongole (€13). The clams in the pasta were generous and were seasoned with a hint of parsley, garlic and chilli peppers. We enjoyed a bottle of Aglianico (€8) red wine with our meal.

Our Meal

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I thought when we arrived at 19h30 that we might be too early to be going out for dinner. Italians tend to go out later on the weekends but they were already half full when we arrived. Some tables were children dining alone. And nearly everyone around us spoke Italian. By the time we left at 21h00 there was a queue of people waiting outside for a table. Call them on +39 081 5435927

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16 thoughts on “La Nuova Italia, Naples

  1. Nice. Definitely smart to eat where the locals eat. My mother taught me long ago to leave the touristy area – sometimes only one or two streets over!

  2. how do the italians do it? eat out so late and still get up for work in the morning? i am intrigued by those lone children dining out.

    1. They start work late 😉
      There were tables of tweens having dinner for what looked like birthday parties. I am sure parentals were somewhere in close proximity 🙂

  3. your meal looks really good and very reasonable by American standards. We were in Naples 2 months ago and I found a wonderful gluten free restaurant where I was able to get pizza and a lavish decadent dessert.

  4. Your vivid descriptions have transported me to the picturesque streets and historic sites of Italy. The rich cultural heritage, delectable cuisine, and warm hospitality make it an irresistible place to visit.

  5. It all looks delicious, Tandy. I was especially intrigued by the gnocchi dish which sounds very much like a riff off spaghetti alla Nerano. And those fried fresh anchovies! I’m envious since it’s well nigh impossible for find fresh anchovies where I live. Buon appetito!

    1. I tried it for this reason, intrigue is always a good ordering tool 😉 We also don’t get fresh anchovies here. So sad as we love them 🙂

  6. I appreciate the photos of the restaurant and the food. The photos are clear and appetizing, and they show the ambiance and the presentation of the dishes. The restaurant looks cozy and inviting. The food looks fresh and tasty, with generous portions and colorful ingredients.

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