May 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

May 2023 was a fantastic month! Dave and I went to Italy and spent some time with Mark and Eva. We had a hectic week in Naples and then went and did very little in Pugnochiuso. The trip home was exhausting and interesting. Exhausting because we woke up at 5:45 on Sunday and only took off about 1am the following day. And interesting because we did a guided tour of Istanbul and saw a few amazing places. I did very little in the way of cooking and baking for my blog. This was not planned, but we were very busy socially when we came back.

Recipes I shared in May 2023

I scheduled posts for while we were away, so all of these are dishes I had made before we left at the end of April. For a quick lunch I made cauliflower bites one day, and then baked feta and bazlama the next. We had friends over for a meal and I made ajoblanco to start and slow roasted brisket for our main course. And the last sourdough loaf I baked was a seeded sourdough. I have a smoothie every workday morning, and this month I made an apple smoothie to post for the blog. I also served vanilla semifreddo as a dessert.

Shopping in Italy in May 2023

We always come home with a few things when we travel. Some are the basics like olive oil and garlic. And the rest are things I have on my very extensive look overseas list. The herbs were bought from a small store in Vieste and I have used a generous pinch in a tomato and aubergine pasta. They have strong chilli pepper flakes in them so I shall use them with caution when I create the next recipe. The pistachio chocolate was delicious, and the only one that made it home with us. I also bought lemon and ginger which was interesting. I don’t know if the semolina we get here is as fine as the rimacinata below so I bought a pack to see. This is reground so I take it the semola will be fine – I will report back. The farmer style artichokes were super cheap! They were just over €1 and we came home with 2 bottles and ate one while we were on holiday. Dave has dished up one jar already as snacks and I will use the other for a pasta dish.

May 2023 Italy Shopping

This is my June submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

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20 thoughts on “May 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. thanks for joining in Tandy. what a wonderful May you must have had in Italy. Pistachio chocolate sounds fabulous!

  2. Bringing back food items for the kitchen is always a fun way to remember travel. I’m always sad when they are used up, and no more chance to find them.
    best, mae at

  3. Every time I visit your blog, Tandy I want to eat your header image-smile- Like me you always come home with some goodies like I did as we were in Oz in May…Enjoy the artichokes and pasta 🙂

  4. Italy, what an awesome trip. We did a trip to Italy, now about 10 years ago, on a motorbike and loved every moment.
    I visited you via In My Kitchen – June 2023
    If interested feel free to visit my entries for this week: #13+14 as I would love to invite you to come and share your posts and you will have an opportunity to get featured.
    You will find the linkup information (1) In the Top bar under Blogging: Weekly Senior Salon Pit Stop OR 2nd image In the sidebar
    We hope to meet you there virtually.

  5. What a delicious time you must have had in Italy – I love the look of all your edible souvenirs, especially the artichokes! YUM! The apple smoothie looks super refreshing, I am going to have to bookmark the recipe 🙂

  6. Glad you had a nice trip to Italy – we can say we had a vacation not you far from you guys; just a few hours on a ferry lol. Interesting grocery items, too. We were lazy to carry extra weight, but we got truffles, cheese and salami (also with truffles)

  7. That’s quite the treasure trove you brought back!

    And I’m a bit jealous about your trip to Istanbul. It’s been on my bucket list for years. Pity I didn’t get there when I was living only a short flight away..

    And if the semolina flour is anything like it is here in the US, I think you’ll find semola rimacinata much finer—better for making pasta.

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