October 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

October 2023 will forever go down as the month that divided the world. A terrorist group slaughtered innocent people, because of their beliefs. Had this happened anywhere else in the world I feel everyone would say the terrorists were in the wrong. But because it is about Israel and Jews, this is not the case. I am very clear that I believe all lives matter. And the death of one innocent person is one death too many. But I am seeing bigotry from friends and people I have known for decades. It has put a damper on everything and I can only pray for everlasting peace in a place where Jews have lived since the 2nd millennium BCE.

Recipes shared in October 2023

Heading into the last stretch of recipes for one dish, I got the ramen noodles done for my chicken ramen. One meal with friends saw me making a fish curry. Two Italian dishes graced our table. The first being linguine alla vongole, and the second was melanzane alla Siciliana. I made Japanese mayonnaise which I needed for another recipe. And I baked fig biscuits using my recipe for Garibaldi biscuits. I devoured the ricotta ice cream and as it is so good, I will be making more.

Going on holiday

Dave and I went to The Netherlands to spend time with Mark and Eva. It was wonderful to see where they live, and to all be under one roof enjoying each others’ company. I am very mindful that this was a privilege. They sorted out a room for us which was perfect. Meals were shared in the kitchen, and new places explored. We took pleasure in being able to spend time as a family eating out, shopping and sightseeing. I will be focussing on the happy memories we made.

This is my November submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

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26 thoughts on “October 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. How lovely that you managed to holiday in The Netherlands, I remember it as a beautiful country. Yes it is a very sad time in history. You have cooked some delicious dishes this month, I don’t know how you find the time with working as well.

  2. I hope my last comment sent even though I didn’t drop down to my WordPress details Tandy. But at least they recognise me now. Cheers, Pauline

  3. Hi Tandy, I have only seen support for Israel in my communities. I hope this war will end soon. Hugs

  4. I stand with Israel with my every fibre, although I am not Jewish. It sickens me to see the sheer evil that is being directed against Israel and Jews all around the world. I feel we should all emulate the Danish in World War 2 when the King decreed that if the Jews were compelled to wear a yellow star, all Danes would also do so. Sadly, although the followers of the Judea and Christian faiths try to nurture love, hope and life, Islam appears to encourage hate, fear and death.

  5. The loss of life is unfathomable and I have to agree, the bigotry and anti-semitism is frightening. Everything you made looks delicious – I’ll have some of that chicken ramen with a garibaldi chaser, thanks very much!

  6. I am Caucasian by genes, Lutheran by birth, Buddhist-minded by choice – so sadly with lifelong friends from both sides, look on from the sidelines . . . and tragically and frustratingly cannot see a solution or resolution . . . and can but pray, especially for the children dead or permanently impaired for their lifetimes . .

  7. The world turning against Jews again is a horrifying situation. The barbaric butchery in the Kibbutzes on October 7 is such blatant terrorism that the many voices praising the butchers is beyond comprehension.

    Your trip looks good, but when you say you were focused on the good memories, I hope you didn’t also have bad experiences, other than the horrifying news from Israel, which you discussed.

    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. I cannot understand how anyone can celebrate the loss of life! It is what makes them terrorists. We had no bad experiences other than trying to navigate new territory about the war, and the history behind all of it. Thanks for commenting Mae 🙂

  8. Tandy, this is a very sad time for the Jews and also for all of humanity. It appears that the people who support Hamas and antisemitism are justifying the idea that to kill Jews anywhere is ok and encouraged because of their cause to eliminate the Israel. Martin Luther King Jr. once stated, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.” An Yisrael Chai!!

  9. Oh wow that is super impressive that you made your own ramen noodles! I’ve made noodles a few times by hand but find the kneading /rolling process a pain without machines to help. Loving your pics from the Netherlands as well 🙂

  10. how wonderful to catch up with family! yes these are tough times and people are divided. I hate seeing civilians esp. children being killed. It’s all a big mess and i feel both sides are not innocent but anyway – enough of that. thanks for joining in and have a great month. xx

  11. i am glad that you were able to focus on your positive experiences with your family despite the turbulent times in the world.

    Everything looks delicious, especially those ice creams.

  12. When on retreat they encouraged us to have a week free from cell phones and computers, it was so freeing to be temporarily released from the immense distresses of the world. I don’t understand the hate, anger, and aggression. It seems we haven’t learned anything over the millenium. I feel for the innocents on all sides.

  13. I hate to say that I’m avoiding the news because that is totally irresponsible, but sometimes I have to take the news in small snippets. Such a sad commentary on our society. I do like how you organized your photos. Let’s hope that November allows us to be thankful for peace.

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