Ottolenghi Flavour, Yotam Ottolenghi & Ixta Belfrage

There are 20 essential ingredients in Ottolenghi Flavour, some of which are easy for us to get here. And others not so much. For an experienced cook, one would be able to swap these out with ease. Thankfully the recipe book gives detailed descriptions of each ingredient which is extremely helpful.

Ottolenghi Flavour

Flavour-forward, vegetable-based recipes are at the heart of Yotam Ottolenghi’s food.
In this stunning new cookbook Yotam and co-writer Ixta Belfrage break down the three factors that create flavour and offer innovative vegetable dishes that deliver brand-new ingredient combinations to excite and inspire.
Ottolenghi Flavour  combines simple recipes for weeknights, low-effort high-impact dishes, and standout meals for the relaxed cook. Packed with signature colourful photography, Ottolenghi Flavour  not only inspires us with what to cook, but how flavour is dialled up and why it works.
The book is broken down into three parts, which reveal how to tap into the potential of ordinary vegetables to create extraordinary food:
Process explains cooking methods that elevate veg to great heights; Pairing identifies four basic pairings that are fundamental to great flavour; Produce offers impactful vegetables that do the work for you.
Flavour’s 20 ingredients:
  • Aleppo chilli
  • Ancho chilli
  • Anchovies
  • Black garlic
  • Black lime
  • Cascabel chillies
  • Chipotle chilli
  • Fish sauce
  • Gochujang chilli paste
  • Ground cardamom
  • Hibiscus
  • Jarred butter beans
  • Mango pickle
  • Masa harina
  • Miso
  • Red bell pepper flakes
  • Rice vinegar
  • Rose harissa
  • Shaoxing
  • Tamarind paste
Beef Barbacoa On A Bed Of Curried Carrot Mash
Beef Barbacoa On A Bed Of Curried Carrot Mash
Chapters are divided into:
  • Process
    • charring
    • browning
    • infusing
    • ageing
  • Pairing
    • sweetness
    • fat
    • acidity
    • chilli heat
  • Produce
    • mushrooms
    • alliums
    • nuts and seeds
    • sugar: fruit and booze
Spicy Roast Potatoes With Tahini And Soy
Spicy Roast Potatoes With Tahini And Soy
Recipes that caught my eye:
  • hasselback beetroot with lime leaf butter (p50)
  • celeriac steaks with café de Paris sauce (p60)
  • curried carrot mash with brown butter (p67)
  • white bean mash with garlic aïoli (p76)
  • hummus with lemon, fried garlic and chilli (p79)
  • pappa al pomodoro with lime and mustard seeds (p85)
  • oven chips with curry leaf mayonnaise (p89)
  • potato and gochujang braised eggs (p99)
  • spring vegetables in parmesan broth with charred lemon salsa (p109)
  • aubergine dumplings alla parmigiana (p156)
  • asparagus salad with tamarind and lime (p171)
  • super-soft courgettes with harissa and lemon (p204)
  • confit garlic hummus with grilled mushrooms (p234)
  • olive oil flatbreads with three-garlic butter (p246)
  • miso butter onions (p258)
  • spicy roast potatoes with tahini and soy (p277)
  • poached apricots with pistachio and amaretti mascarpone (p282)
  • berry platter with sheep’s labneh and orange oil (p295)
My impressions:

The recipe book contains stunning full page photographs, but often not on the opposite page to the recipe. I wish I had the time to road test each and every recipe I have listed above. However I know that when I am looking for inspiration, Ottolenghi Flavour will be a great resource.

What I made:

I made the hasselback beetroot mainly to try the lime leaf butter which was really good. I made extra to keep in the fridge for when vegetables need some extra flavour. The curried carrot mash was made as a side dish for some lightly spiced pulled beef. It was the perfect match and a great alternative to using potatoes. The oven chips were another recipe to try for the condiment alone. However, the curry leaf mayonnaise did not come together like it should have when I followed the recipe. I have adjusted it to make again which I will do as the flavour was great. I made lobster rolls which should have been served with a side of chips. Instead I made spicy roast potatoes. And wow, were they spicy! But delicious enough that I devoured my fair share.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9781785038938
Format Hardback
Published September 2020

Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Random House South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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  1. Honestly, I’m trying not to buy “things” anymore but this book sounds divine. I love the idea of 20 ingredients – most of which I have.

  2. As a big fan of Ottolenghi, I bought this book and have made several recipes from it. Very inspiring!

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