Sasha’s Suppers

Sasha’s Suppers is the title of the next recipe book I am publishing. The book will be dedicated to my niece Sasha and is aimed at all moms and dads and kids who want to prepare child friendly meals. However, I need help and so I am appealing to all of you for assistance. I would like people to contribute a child friendly recipe – either a recipe a child can cook, or a meal aimed specifically at children. As a stepmom I often fed the boys waffles for breakfast – not a good mommy thing to do! But, this forced them to participate in the cooking process. It is my opinion that all children should learn to love food – eating it and cooking it. It is why I ask the little ones to help make scrambled eggs, and why I have had baking lessons for my friends daughters. The immense pleasure when they get to try something they have helped with is worth all the mess!

I know you need patience in the kitchen when there are children around. Last time I visited Sasha (she lives in Johannesburg and I live in Gordons Bay) I did roast chicken with her – she got to smell each one of the herbs I used, and tasted the raw carrots. She helped with strawberry tasting and preparing – telling me “aunty Tandy, red wine is for drinking in our house” when I poured some red wine over the strawberries (she was all of 3 and a half). She also reminded me to “use two hands please” when I took the olive oil out the cupboard. I in turn taught her that if we touch raw chicken we must wash our hands afterwards. She is a natural little chef who loves to be in the kitchen.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting new recipe book, please do the following:

Email me the recipe you are planning and I will reply with my postal address. You can then send me a disc with your recipe on it via snail mail, including the title of the recipe, the ingredients and the method as well as a photo. Make a note if it can be cooked by the child or if it is aimed specifically at being a child friendly recipe. You can find my email address by going to my contact page. Please head your email ‘Sasha’s Suppers’. You can submit more than one recipe.

Each person who contributes will get one copy of the recipe book at cost. The cost will depend on how many recipes it contains. The format will be the same as Lavender & Lime. Once again, a portion of the profit will go to charity. Final selection of recipes will be solely at my discretion.


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15 thoughts on “Sasha’s Suppers

  1. I will help you. It may be a good idea for people to first email you the dish they propose to send on disc, that way you can ensure you don’t end up with a whole lot of discs with too similar recipes, like chicken or muffins and get the variety you need for your book?

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  4. What a great concept for a cookbook. It makes me think of my children who are both grown. It amazes me the beautiful dishes they can just throw together. I believe it’s because they saw me do it all the time, now in turn they do it. My son usually cooks better than his girlfriends. My daughter when she does cook will put together some amazing fresh seafood dish together.
    It’s so important for kids to have a parent who cooks and is in the kitchen with them, so they aren’t afraid of cooking as so many people seem to be, here in the states.

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