Sasha’s Pasta

I am submitting this recipe for Sasha’s Pasta to Presto Pasta Nights, which is being hosted this week by Ruth, the founder of PPN

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I love cooking with my niece Sasha. Mostly because she is so enthusiastic in the kitchen, but also because it happens so infrequently. I go up to Johannesburg about twice a year and try and spend as much time with her as possible. She is nearly 5 and it is becoming a pleasure to spend time with her, playing ‘hide and go seek’, drawing, being outside at the playground and going out for ice cream.This visit we made cupcakes (from a box) and I burnt myself on my sister’s oven – this was a first for me. Sasha and I then made supper, she however was not interested in eating it. Sasha got to stay up late and have a grown up meal with Aunty Tandy and Grandpa. Kerry (my sister) tells me that Sasha thinks my name is Aunty Tandy and not just Tandy but whatever she thinks, I just love the yelling of AUNTY TANDY when she is supposed to be quietly in bed, or when she sees me driving up, or when she has had enough of me giving attention to the sister (her baby sister Nadia). She is the reason for the cookbook I am going to write this December, in collaboration with who ever wants to contribute.

Sasha's Pasta
Sasha’s Pasta

There is no exact recipe for this but basically we took some broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, soft feta, marinated artichoke hearts and exotic mushrooms. The broccoli stalks were cooked with the mushrooms which we sliced (read Sasha sliced everything with a normal eating knife). The cooked ingredients were added to the other ingredients which were also sliced. This was topped with cooked pasta and several portions per person were eaten and enjoyed.

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PS – this post was written before my sister and her husband made the decision to take a job in Australia – this month I will be cooking all sorts of lovely dishes with Sasha!
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39 thoughts on “Sasha’s Pasta

  1. It must be a family trait ::-) Perfect for summer (or in my case lunch at work) Tx for sharing Tandy 😀

  2. Isn´t it fun cooking with the little ones! My parents made fresh pasta with my niece and nephew in London and they had such a great morning making it then having it for lunch!

  3. Hi Tandy–i am sure you are going to miss your little niece, i have 2 nieces aged 30months and a year & i see them at least 3 times a week. The elder ones name is Meela and yes she loves to cook and bake & oh yes–she tells me “remember usha masi (masi means mothers sister) like this not like that.
    It is such a wonderful feeling being able to spend time with your nieces and nephews. Lovely post Tandy

    1. Usha Masi – I love that! Sasha is the same so I will miss her telling me that wine is for drinking Aunty Tandy, not cooking 🙂

  4. Sasha and i agree on chopping with whatever is handy. This looks like my kind of meal too, the one where you cook with what you have! YUM.. c

    1. I was too scared to give her a real knife in case she cut herself. Did not worry when she was cooking though and she burnt herself 🙁

  5. When my daughter was little I could not get her into the kitchen with me at all! Thankfully she grew up to love cooking but I so wish I could have had those special memories. That pasta dish is definitely something she’d enjoy and me too!

    1. I loved cooking with my cousins when they were little – much easier than when they are grown up as they take instructions so well 🙂

  6. When my daughter was little I could not get her interested in being in the kitchen with me!! Thankfully now she’s grown she loves to cook, but I would have loved to have had those memories of her when she was younger. I know she’d love this pasta and so will I!

  7. It is fun to have kids helping in the kitchen…I love to have my niece…love the simplicity of this pasta dish.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week Tandy 🙂

  8. There is nothing more fun or rewarding that cooking with little one. Typically the first thing my 4 1/2 year old grandson says when he visits is “what shall we make today?” He too would rather cook many of the dishes than eat them, but it’s a start! Thanks for sharing the story and the pasta with Presto Pasta Nights.

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