September 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

September 2016

September 2016 flew by with me doing very little in my kitchen. Our month started with an amazing overseas trip, and ended with house guests. I loved every minute of being with them and look forward to their return next year. My friend Liz from Good Things has taken over the hosting of In My Kitchen and I wish her every success in gathering us all together.

Le Creuset Utensil Holder

My friends Dorothy and John gifted me this utensil holder for my birthday. It is the perfect dish as we still have no drawers in the kitchen and at least this way I can keep my most used utensils close to hand.

Le Creuset Utensil Holder September 2016
Le Creuset Utensil Holder

While we were away Yuppiechef delivered my FOMO box. The oil from the tahini leaked a bit but as I have used up all the one I made, it was most welcome. We have used the truffle mayonnaise with some angel fish that Dave braaid. And the honey has been added to our oats. Dave is enjoying the nougat and we enjoyed the fiery tomato and onion chutney with cheese platters we served while our visitors were with us. I have placed the paella spices next to my stove to use as an all inclusive spice while the drawers are being made.

September 2016 FOMO Box
September 2016 FOMO Box
A temporary worktop

Dave cut out the template for the worktop and has taken it to Boland Timbers to be made up. The blackwood top is not ready and so in the meantime Dave has attached some melamine offcuts so we can use the counter space. And as you can see, it is well used.

Temporary Top September 2016
Temporary Top
World Atlas of Food

I was given a copy of World Atlas of Food to review and it is now waiting for the book shelf to be used for books, rather than to keep things away from the puppy better known as the monster. Scarlett eats everything she can get to!

World Atlas Of Food
World Atlas Of Food
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime October 5:

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33 thoughts on “September 2016 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Hi Tandy, great to see you back in the IMK collective! Lovely to see your kitchen coming along… it’s going to be fab, I bet! Thank you for the peek at the goodies in your kitchen, and the warm shout out!

  2. Well done on the temporary bench top Dave. I didn’t get many drawers in our kitchen as I still prefer cupboards and shelves but I will say the the ‘normal’ set of drawers are quite wide which means most of my utensils can be laid out flat so I don’y have to scrabble for them. Quite the treat!

  3. When do you think the kitchen renovations will be completed? Love how Dave was creative with the shelving for you. (After all you need a spot to do your food photography…)LOL You had a busy September. Love traveling but it is hard to get back on track afterwards. Take care

    1. It is a new build not a renovation and I am hoping we will be done before the start of the new year. But, we are making changes as we go along.

  4. Tandy, sounds like your priorities are in order. (Even if your new kitchen hasn’t caught up with you yet!) Spending time with each other, family, and friends comes first. Still, you combined that “healthy balance” with a variety of delightful treats for us to ogle on IMK. 🙂 Well done! Best wishes on completing your kitchen… it’ll be worth the wait!

  5. what a nice utensil jar. i use an enamel jug for mine which is very handy as it is quite tall. how lovely to have a new kitchen. my shelves are overflowing with books of all kinds. i just can’t seem to stop buying them.:)

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