Simply Seven Colours, Zola Nene

In Simply Seven Colours, Zola mentions that she is now selling her own spice mixes. She has both a fragrant curry powder and a flavourbomb spice mix. I appreciated that she offered alternatives as at this stage I cannot see myself adding anything new to my collection.

Simply Seven Colours

Chapters are divided into:
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Brown
  • Red
  • A Rainbow of Colours
  • Afters (Dessert)
Recipes that caught my eye and the ones Dave liked:
  • Lemon & Garlic Sautéed Green Beans (p19)
  • Cumin & Honey-Glazed Carrots (p24)
  • Apricot & Orange-Glazed Snoek (p30)
  • Spicy Prawns with Lemon and Garlic Mayo Dip (p35)
  • Brown Butter Cauliflower Cheese (p42)
  • Cheesy Stuffed Potatoes (p44)
  • Microwave Sweetcorn & Cheddar Risotto (p49)
  • Chorizo Mac & Cheese (p50)
  • Spinach & Mushroom Phyllo Tart (p55)
  • Coconut Curry Mussels (p85)
  • Chutney Chicken (p88)
  • Yoghurt & Herb Marinated Chicken (p89)
  • Butter Chicken & Prawn Curry (p94)
  • Beef Phyllo Pot Pie (p109)
  • Tomato & Ginger Smoor (p123)
  • Raisin Scones (p146)
  • Milk Tart Spring Rolls (p152)
  • Peach & Amasi Ice Cream (p158)
  • Cinnamon Rolls (p167)
  • Baked Nutty Apple Pudding (p170)
Chutney Chicken
Chutney Chicken
What I made:

Dave and I both liked the look of the chutney chicken and I made it when the weather was cooler, and we felt like something hearty to eat. It was delicious, and something I would make again. As long as I keep on finding new scone recipes to try, I will continue baking them. The raisin scones were good enough for me to showcase in International Scone Week which takes place in August each year.

My impressions:

I love that Zola embraces a traditional way of eating in South Africa. A meal including chicken, rice and lots of colourful side dishes reminds me of my Grandmother and Friday night dinners around her table. I am sure her Sotho house keeper had something to do with that.

Raisin Scones
Raisin Scones
Publishing information:
ISBN 9781485901266
Format Trade Paperback
Published September 2022

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this recipe book to review.

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