Chutney Chicken

The flavour of your chutney chicken will be influenced by the brand and type of chutney you use. I usually make my own, but for this recipe I used Mrs. Balls Light Fruit Chutney. This brand is iconic in South Africa and a condiment I often take to a friend when we travel to see her in London.

Chutney Chicken
Chutney Chicken
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Chutney Chicken


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Chutney Chicken

The flavour of this dish depends on the type of chutney you use
Recipe Category: Chicken
Makes enough for: 2 people
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Simply Seven Colours page 89


  • 4 chicken thighs
  • 4 chicken drumsticks
  • olive oil for drizzliing
  • 20 mls Cajun spices
  • 300 g fruit chutney
  • 125 mls water
  • 15 mls lemon juice
  • rice for serving


  • Place the chicken into a bowl and drizzle with oilive oil
  • Add the spices and toss to coat
  • Place a non stick lidded pan on to heat over a medium temperature
  • Brown the chicken in batches so as to not crowd the pan
  • Place the chutney, water and lemon juice into a jug and whisk to combine
  • When the chicken is browned, place all the pieces into the pan (place the thighs skin side up) and pour the chutney over the chicken
  • Bring to a simmer then reduce the temperature slightly, cover and cook for 15 minutes
  • Remove the lid, increase the temperature, turn the chicken pieces and cook for another 5 minutes
  • Serve with rice and as much of the sticky sauce as you want
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12 thoughts on “Chutney Chicken

  1. Have not had any kind of chutney in the house awhile . . . must try > it promises lots of flavour! You must have smaller chicken pieces than we do here ’cause this almost seems enough for four servings 😉 !

  2. This is a delicious and simple way to cook chicken Tandy. I know just the chutney to use here for this kind of dish. It must be such a relief not to have to put up with load shedding.

  3. wow that’s amazing about the load shedding. must be a huge relief to have your own power. I make mango chutney every Christmas so I actually have some jars in the fridge atm. Your chicken looks very tasty Tandy!

  4. I’m sure the chutney adds a wonderful flavor to your chicken and easy too. I was not aware that we had Mrs. Balls chutney available here until I just looked it up on Amazon. I’ll have to give it a try- thanks Tandy.

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