The Little French Village of Book Lovers, Nina George

The Little French Village of Book Lovers opening line: Marie-Jeanne’s cradle stood under a broad-canopied olive tree some people claimed was over eight hundred years old, something the tree would neither confirm nor deny (at its age, one did not comment on how old one was).

The Little French Village of Book Lovers

My blurb:

Marie-Jeanne is an orphan who is being raised by a caring and loving man, and his wife. As she grows older she learns to love books, and she loves people. And bringing them together is her love language. She knows which people belong together, and she uses her foster-father’s travelling library as a way of bringing them together. Yet, love seems to elude her. Will she ever find her own soul mate?

The Little French Village of Book Lovers
‘Everyone knows me, but none can see me. I’m that thing you call love’
In a small town in balmy Provence, a dazzling encounter with Love itself changes the life of orphan Marie-Jeanne forever.
As a girl, Marie-Jeanne realizes that she can see the marks Love has left on the people around her – tiny glowing lights on their faces and hands that shimmer more brightly when the one meant for them is near. Before long, Marie-Jeanne is playing matchmaker in her village.
As she grows up, Marie-Jeanne helps her foster father, Francis, set up a mobile library that travels through the many small mountain towns in the region of Nyons. Their library will offer entertainment, guidance, reassurance and comfort – balm for the heartbroken and lonely. Marie-Jeanne soon finds herself bringing soulmates together everywhere they go, with books always playing an essential part in her quest.
However, the only person that Marie-Jeanne can’t seem to find a partner for is herself. She has no glow of her own, though she waits and waits for it to appear. Everyone must have a soulmate, surely – but will Marie-Jeanne be able to recognize hers when Love finally comes her way?
My verdict:

As an avid reader, and a believer in love, this book ticked all the boxes for me. I have travelled through many parts of France and could imagine this idyllic countryside in a time long ago. If you are looking for a light read for December, this is one to add to your list.

About the Author:

Nina George is the author of  The Little Paris Bookshop,   The Little French Bistro,  and  The Book of Dreams.  The Little Paris Bookshop  spent more than forty weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and was translated into thirty-six languages. George is president of the European Writers’ Council. She is married to the writer Jens J. Kramer. Together they also write mystery novels and children’s books. Nina George lives in Berlin and in a little fishing village in the Brittany.

Read an extract:

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Publishing information:
ISBN 9780241436615
Format Trade Paperback
Published August 2023

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

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  1. Well, I am so limited in my wherewithal (call it perennially broke!’) that my book purchases tend to be on the non-fiction side, but . . . this seems to be written in a vein that does make one wonder whether time could be found . . . and I do love Provence , , ,

      1. Too far away to bother and with rather limited choice!! Have never been much of a library person . . . love to read and hug and keep . . . E

  2. Just a smiley message that my comments of the last two evenings do not seem to have crossed the Indian Ocean . . .just so you know !!!

      1. Actually truly and honestly love never having a ‘free moment’! Suits my Gemini character – makes me smile when I finally get to TV at 10pm !!!

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