Using Social Media To Build Your Blog Brand

By far one of the best speakers of the day at the Food and Wine Bloggers Indaba was Linda Harding of The Squashed Tomato. She discussed the fine points of social media, and even though we have been presented with this topic previously, she has made some very good points which I am sharing with you today.

Using Social Media To Build Your Blog Brand
  • you need to be socially active
  • your blog is your brand
    • create awareness
    • build relationships
    • generate excitement
    • promote your blog
    • grow your blog
    • start conversations
  • growth must be sustainable
  • set your social sights
    • answer the question WHY and WHAT DO I WANT TO ACHIEVE
    • common goals → specific goals → unique selling point
  • be consistent with your logo across all platforms
  • build brand awareness
  • capture people’s attention span
  • be fussy, objective, professional
  • every post you do is a potential first impression for someone
  • things to do
    • research and learn
    • watch
    • innovate
  • find an optimum strategy for yourself
  • lead generation searches on twitter
  • create conversations
  • social media does not have to be only about your blog

Since listening to what Linda had to say, I have spring cleaned my twitter account (I can see no reason to follow ‘bots’), I have changed my avatar to be the same across all my social platforms, and I have created a Facebook page. One lucky person from Cape Town could win something, just by liking this page!

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