Wagon Trail At Anura, Stellenbosch

Before making our way to the wine tasting, we stopped at the Wagon Trail at Anura to make a booking for lunch. We chose Anura as the chef is a friend of James and we wanted to show her support. The lady at reception was not very helpful in assisting us with a table for 2 in a half an hours time and when she called a gentleman to help her, he was not so sure either. They did however write our name down which was a start. After the wine tasting we walked past the brewer who told us they were very busy for lunch and he was not sure if we could be helped. We told him we had a booking and made our way to the front desk where there was no one in sight. We waited and waited and waited and eventually we found someone to help us – our name had been crossed off but we were shown to a table – one of many empty ones outside.

Wagon Trail At Anura
Wagon Trail At Anura

We ordered drinks and Dave had a Bavarian Weiss 330ml (R23) and I had the Wagon Trail Pale Ale 330ml (R25). Our beers arrived with potato skins which made a nice snack to start off our meal. The menu is small, with snacks, main courses and one dessert. The average price for a main course is R80 but as we were having a light lunch, we chose a charcuterie and cheese platter (R75) with meat from 12 Pigs deli, which is on site, and cheese from Forest Hill cheeses, available at the deli. The platter arrived, with not enough bread for 2 hungry people but with great olives, very good cheese and excellent charcuterie. In fact, so good that we bought a selection from the deli to take home with us.

12 Pigs deli
12 Pigs deli

Service table side was good, the setting is lovely and they are open breakfast and lunch Tuesday to Sunday and for supper on a Wednesday and Saturday.

Contact them on  +27 21 875 5360

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21 thoughts on “Wagon Trail At Anura, Stellenbosch

  1. They were “super busy”. I mean really. No wonder restaurants don’t survive when they put off people from booking but they have open tables.

  2. Intriguing and honest restaurant review as always. It’s interesting to me that restaurants make what I consider “dumb” mistakes like skimp on cheap things like bread and pretend they have no tables when they could easily accommodate you.

  3. Oh, I do love a great platter – but must have plenty of bread or bread-like products.

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