Food Quiz Number 9 For A Friday

PinkPolkaDot, AKA Zirkie, sets a food quiz every Friday. Here are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 9.

1. Why does butter stay fresher for longer than milk?

the solids in butter keep it fresher

Food Quiz Number 9

2. Are refried beans fried twice?

no, they are soaked first (stewed) and then fried

3. What is baking powder made of?

baking soda, Sodium Bicarbonate, cornstarch

4. What is Italian cottage cheese called?


5. How are truffles detected?

Smelled out by boars/pigs

Beef Fillet With A Truffle And Mushroom Sauce Friday's Food Quiz Number 9
Beef Fillet With A Truffle And Mushroom Sauce

6. What are latkes?

potato pancakes (traditionally eaten on Hanukkah with Lox)

7. What is the difference between fennel and anise?

in culinary terms, you can use the bulb (yummy with radish as a salad) the leaves (good with fish) and the seeds (for masala) Fennel seeds have an anise flavour. Fennel seeds are larger than anise seeds. Anise seeds have a licourice flavour. 

8. What ingredient gives pumpernickel bread its dark colour?

if it were an ingredient it would be the rye berries. but the slow baking process is what gives it the dark colour.

9. Why must you avoid over mixing the dough when making biscuits?

the biscuits will spread and become flat and too chewy

10. Which herb is most often used to flavour a tomato-based sauce on a pizza?

oreganum or marjoram (of which I have an abundance of in my garden)

11. From where do apricots originate?


12. What is a whitewash?

(my main business is Hardware, so I assume you don’t mean the painting technique!) using milk instead of egg to make pastry go a lovely golden brown

13. How is Italian meringue made?

the sugar is heated to boiling point and the sugar syrup is used instead of caster sugar with the egg whites

14. Which pepper is also known as anise pepper?

Sichuan Pepper

15. The greenish substance found when opening a lobster is referred to as tomalley. What organ is this?

the liver and the pancreas
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18 thoughts on “Food Quiz Number 9 For A Friday

  1. Ooh – lots of stuff here I didn´t know like apricots coming from India and the info about the butter and refried beans. I know that dogs can also be trained to sniff out truffles…wish I could train mine to do that but I bet if they found one they´d eat it in one gulp!

  2. I thought apricots came from Turkey. Very interesting quiz, Tandy. Does Pinky still do her weekend quiz? I haven’t seen her around for ages. Enjoy your weekend. xxx

    1. These are Pink’s quizzes that I am posting off my taste blog onto my wordpress blog. I am doing this as when Taste move over to WordPress I am not going to keep that blog going. Pink does not have internet access at the moment. Oh, and I am not sure if my answers are 100% correct even 🙂

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