Bake with Josh, Josh Thirion

Bake With Josh is subtitled recipes and games for kids. Following on from Josh’s first award winning book, Cook with Josh which was written when he was 8 in 2011 is his second book dedicated to baking.

Bake with Josh

Chapters are divided into:
  • big cakes
  • small cakes and muffins
  • biscuits, traybakes and other treats
  • breads
  • tarts, pies and pastries
  • oven bakes
Recipes that caught my eye:
  • mixed spice (p5)
  • ‘millionaire in training’ chocolate cake (p12)
  • oats and raspberry muffins (p27)
  • thumbprint biscuits (p29)
  • oat crunchies (p31)
  • blueberry squares with passionfruit syrup (p40)
  • oat bread with honey (p51)
  • round cheesy bread rolls (p53)
  • bread sticks (p56)
  • hertzoggies (p60)
  • mini fig tartlets (p66)
  • éclairs with a passion fruit filling (p71)
  • cinnamon spirals (p72)
  • mini savoury tarts (p77)
  • mini chicken pot pies (p83)
  • tuna pie (p86)
  • baked ham, cheese and egg dipper (p89)
  • Josh’s breakfast in a bun (p90)
What I liked about Bake with Josh:
  • Great hand drawn chef stick figures with handy tips and information.
  • Includes word puzzles, drawing exercises and comic strip instructions for some recipes.

Some of the recipes are simple as they are aimed at children but it is important to keep in mind that Josh has had professional training.

Feedback from friends and family with kids:

I gave the recipe book to Maya and Josh who live in the UK. Their mom is one of my oldest friends. They made the oat crunchies and Talya’s response was “they came out a bit crumbly but still delicious”.


My niece wanted to make the ‘millionaire in training’ chocolate cake but my sister thought it was too complicated for a 9 year old to do alone.

‘Millionaire in training’ chocolate cake - extracted from Bake with Josh by Josh Thirion (Struik Lifestyle)
‘Millionaire in training’ chocolate cake – extracted from Bake with Josh by Josh Thirion (Struik Lifestyle)

I made the oat and raspberry muffins and the batter was very wet. I had to bake them for an extra 5 minutes. The muffins stuck to the paper casing but I must say they were very tasty.

Publishing information:

ISBN 9781432302481

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this recipe book to review.

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