Berry Dessert

A summer dinner party was on the cards, and I wanted to make a simple berry dessert using the amazing fresh berries I had found at Woolworths. I had planned on buying little casings for them, but could not find any. And so, I went home and used my silicone cupcake holders to make a chocolate casing. As you can tell from the pictures, it was not too bad an effort. And they were simple to do. I just melted some sugar free chocolate in a bowl over some simmering water and then poured the chocolate into the mould. I twirled the chocolate all around and poured out the excess and then put the moulds into the freezer to set. We carefully removed the silicone from the chocolate casings (well, as carefully as one can after a few glasses of wine) and placed some berries that I had mixed with some cream into each casing. Taylor started singing ♪♪♪ I got the berries, ♪♪♪ I got the berries ♪♪♪ and so the name was decided upon. This is a winner as the casings can be done days ahead of your party!

Berry Dessert
Berry Dessert

I did not write a printable recipe for this dessert, and the photographs are not the best. But nothing compares to fresh berries served with chocolate and cream when it comes to a simple pudding.

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25 thoughts on “Berry Dessert

  1. Ah this is a brilliant idea. Nice one! Have had silicone casings for sometime and have never used them (even though I bake cupcake weekly). Will definitely give this a try! Love the “as careful as can be after a few glasses of wine” 🙂

  2. Andy Taylor? LOL, Just kidding,.. but, how did Taylor get an idea with nothing But..RAMSAY on her mind? hehe…but, on a more serious note, and a saying I learned from “Taylor”…you are the “Berries”

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