Secret Santa 2011

I would like to do a Secret Santa for this Christmas with the food bloggers. Here are my thoughts (and please add to them).

  • each blogger who is willing to send a secret gift to another blogger (in the same country) will send me their name and address
  • I will compile a list and randomly assign bloggers to each other
  • a ceiling price will be set (I will need help with this from each country so that the benchmark is the same)
  • each blogger who participates can ‘advertise’ the concept on their blog – the more the merrier

It would be great if we all put the widget on our blogs:

Secret Santa

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18 thoughts on “Secret Santa 2011

  1. This is an absolutely fantastic iniative, Tandy. I’m not a food blogger so won’t be participating but look forward to seeing the results. It will, no doubt, be very popular – well done

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